Battra Is A Dark Divine Moth Kaiju That First Appeared In Godzilla And Mothra Battle For Earth.

GVMTBFE - Battra
Alias Black Mothra

Battle Mothra

Bad Mothra


Forms Larval Stage

Imago Stage

Friends Mothra(Currently)
Enemies Mothra(Formerly),Godzilla
First Appearance Godzilla And Mothra Battle For Earth

Role In The Films Edit

Thousands Of Years After Being Sealed In The North Sea By Mothra.He Was Awakened By A Meteorite In Sibera.Than He Begins Attacking Mankind And Forming From Larva Form To Adult Form than Later He Redeems Himself And Teams Up With Mothra Against Godzilla Than Battra Falls Into The Sea With Godzilla And Dies.It Was Also Foretold That A Meteor Is Going To Strike The Earth In 1999 And Battra Was Going To Stop It.But Sadly Battra Is Dead And Gone.


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