Clock Ghidorah Was Create By Super Alien Hipporito

Skull Gomora+Dark Exodus+Targon+Zombie Kong+Nightmare Gamera+Ghost Godzilla+Rinzler+Curella de Vill+Monstro+Queen of Hearts+Jafar+Polygon Head+Master Core+Scar+Queen Grimhilde+Wicked Witch+Vera Cosgrove+Beerus+Yzma+Hydra (Hercules)+Fairy Godmother (Shrek)+Wiggler+Darkest Faerie+Andross+Maleficent+Gaston Legume+Kaa+Shere Kahn+True Ogre+Cecil Clayton+Lord Tirek+Wuya+Karkaro+Hopper+Oogie Boogie+Globulous Maximus+Horned King+Devil Doom+Mr. Krupp+Hades (Disney)+Madame Medusa+Terror Dogs+Serleena+Zarkhator+Ursula (Disney)+Captain Hook+Mulgarath+Black Wolf+Monokuma+Broly+Lady Tremaine+Mr.Electric+Janemba+Black Silhouette+Chubbchubbs+Beryudora+Ternion+Arthas Menethil+Frieza+Master Hand+Crazy Hand+Demon King+Voldemort+Lord Mongor+Shan Yu+Zombzillar+Titans+Darth Sidious+Betrayus+Gorax+Govemor Ratcliffe+Giga Chimera+Black Hole+Zarok+Reileciah King+Jugde Claude Frollo+CharlieIsPoopy/Hellhound+Cell+Lord Dregg+Tabuu+Selfish King+Marsh+Titans+Orochi+Juri Han+Toymajin+Pierrot+Fusion+Senki+Aku+Gollum+Jadis+nazo+Ripto+Hekatonkheires+Dick Hardly+Love Machine+Zarok+Kid Buu+Stone Generals+Mega-Mix+Wolfrun+Akaoni+Majorina+Phantom Virus+GrandFather+Black Knight+Cyclops Pinky+Dr. Facilier+Shadow Dragons+Evil Twins+Drek+Underminer+Neyla/Clock-La=Clock Ghidorah

Body PartsEdit

  • Head(s) Wolfrun Majorina Akaoni Terror Dogs Evil Twins Drek Chubbchubbs
  • Voice Juri Han Neyla
  • Eyes Clockwerk
  • Neck Red Queen
  • Wings Clockwerk
  • Back Phantom Virus Senki Aku
  • Torso Hekatonkheires (Upper) Nazo (Lower) Cyclcops Pinky (Back)
  • Arms Underminer Dr. Neo Cortex Grandfather
  • Legs Neyla (Front) Red Queen (Back)
  • Tail Jadis Ripto Black Knight Love Machine


  • (To Megalon)Hey What to I Pay I Gonna Destroy You I Want Neyla To Do That Hey And I Think She Gonna Be Mutat Well I Let Her Have Her Wish Be Careful If ask For Constable Neyla IS TIME!
  • (To Godzilla)What he's doing
  • (To Black Silhouette)Fear Me Fear Me Fear The Darkness Fear The Darkness Monsload Monsload
  • (To Gomora)What's Going on Here
  • (To Black Silhouette)Behold Clock Ghidorah is Born
  • (To Tsukune Aono)Megalon Won't Get Way With This
  • (To Megalon)Oh But I Have Tsukune And You One Never Get Way
  • (To Rodan)She Destroy The City
  • (To Godzilla)But We Got Only Ones We Can't Use Our Powers Let's Do it Guys
  • (To Godzilla)Let's Going Giants Guys
  • (To All His Friends)Right!
  • (To Godzilla)All Right Neyla This Time You Well Die
  • (To Godzilla)Fire Sword
  • (To Gamera)Light Kanabo
  • (To Imoogi)Bat Double Melon Hammers
  • (To Humter)XiaElement Sword
  • (To Geon)Fire Naginata
  • (To Godzilla)(Grunt) Come on Neyla Whoa
  • (To Gamera)Aaah What We Do Now
  • (To Cure Black)Look Like They in Trouble
  • (To Cure Peach)We Gonna Do Something
  • (To Cure Melody)Right Let's Go Help Them
  • (To Candy)Precure Precure Precure!
  • (To Cure Dream)What Was That Noise
  • (To Cure)That Voice it's Candy She Here
  • (To Pink Precure)Candy!
  • (To Cure Peace)Yeah And Look She With Pop
  • (To Candy)Precure Listen Pop And I Got Something For You
  • (To Pop)Yes But We Got Your Powers And We Give It To You
  • (To Cure Happy)But Candy Can We?
  • (To Candy)I Know I Know I Know We're All Counting On You To Save Us
  • (To Pop)She Right We're All Counting On You Save Us Good Luck Precure And Made Force Be With You
  • (To Cure Happy)Thank You Pop And Candy And Made Force Be With You
  • (To Cure Happy)Alright Let's Go Precure
  • (To Precure)Ok! Let's Do It!
  • (To Gamera)What That
  • (To Cure Happy)Don't Worry Everyone We're Coming To Save You
  • (To Godzilla)Whoa It Precure Try To Save Us?
  • (To Gamera)Yeah It's Look Like It
  • (To Cure Happy)We're All Here Right Now But Powers To Combine Are You Ready!
  • (To Precure)Ready!
  • (To Cure Happy)Neyla Your Hate Is Over
  • (To Cure Happy)Ready Godzilla ?
  • (To Godzilla)We All Set
  • (To Precure)Power to Our Hearts SuperMiracle Precure Blaster!
  • (To Precure) (Scream And Hurt)
  • (To Godzilla)Oh No
  • (To Geon)Godzilla Look She Still Moving
  • (To Imoogi)And She Gonna Try Kill The Precure
  • (To Godzilla)Come on We Got To Rescue Them
  • (To Gamera)We Got Them
  • (To Godzilla)Everyone All Okay
  • (To Cure Happy)Oow We're All Okay
  • (To Godzilla)Cure Happy Clock Ghidorah is Too Strong We Know We Can't Beat Her
  • (To Cure Happy)Yeah We Don't Enough Power Huh?
  • (To Godzilla)Hey Ultraman Can You Feel It
  • (To Ultraman)Yeah Can Feel It Feel of Love
  • (To Ultraman Zero)Look

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