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A couple of things to disclose about this video.

It was originally created at the request of Chris Cuypers aka GojiFan1993 for the 2nd season of his collaborative project, "Kaiju Fantasy Battles! Reignited", set to release in mid 2019. Unfortunately, the project had to be cancelled due to unforeseen events taking place in Chris' personal life. Since I have already finished the animation by that point, he was thankfully gracious enough to let me share it on my YouTube account, as a way of giving something for his fans. I give credit to Chris for conceptualizing this idea, and even if it did not come to full fruition, he hopes you'll at least enjoy this animation. As do I.

I decided to wait until August 27 before publishing the video. That date marked the release of the 1998 American Godzilla movie in my country, which makes this an appropriate nod to the film's 20th anniversary. (I know YouTube says it was uploaded on the 26th, but it's already the 27th here, so whatever.) There's a couple references to other Godzilla movies too, see if you can recognize them.

The animation was created under fairly loose guidelines, hence why the two monsters are scaled to be approximately equal in size, rather than adhering to any official size stats given by Toho or Sony-TriStar (which were never consistent anyway). It's all meant to be fun, so don't be too nitpicky about such details. I tried to keep this one more serious than most of the related videos I upload, but there's still a few comedic touches.

It took about 6 months and an uncountable number of renders and re-renders to complete this thing. Unavoidably, there are some minor mistakes I didn't have time or patience to fix -- some buildings and trees disappear between shots, and there are a few oddities in the rendering and the physics I couldn't do anything about.

Original KFBR concept developed by Chris Cuypers. Modeling, animation and editing by me, using Blender and Sony Vegas Pro 12.0. Zilla and Gorosaurus owned by Toho Co., Ltd. Music comes from the Godzilla PS3/PS4 video game. Since YouTube compressed the video quite a bit, here's a better quality download:

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