Godzilla A.K.A Gojira is a mutant dinosaur the mix of a tyrannasaurus rex and stegasaurus wich is defently fictoinal because they lived in different time periods.Godzilla has stared in 28 movies though 1954-2004`and that doesent inclued the 1998 movie.

He first apeared in Godzilla.

His weapon is atomic breath that he shoots out of his mouth.

Hes fout monsters such as King ghidarah,Rodan,Mothara,Megalon,Megahgirus,Hedarah,Desastroya,and much,much more.He has not won against all his enimeis.

His behavior is inbetween,sometimes hes mean,sometimes hes nice.

He`s a dad,an enviermenttilest,a stuntman,he`s king of the monsters,hes,GODZILLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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