Son of Shido And Yayoi

Bat Warrior Prince

Power of Metal Heroes TokuHeroes Marvel DC

Golden Spark Use Imoogi Yakumo Tatsuro Tetomu

Gao Bat Ranger Looks Like Kamen Rider Hibiki/Armed Hibiki Ultraman Ginga Ultraman Victory

Bat Ears

Bat Wings

Legend Scarf

Cross Change Bat Fists

Dragon Shoes

Dragon Tail

Spark DollsEdit


  • Bat Golden Melon Hammers
  • Bat Blaster
  • Bat Axe
  • Bat Sword


  • (To Mamoru Amami)Argh
  • (To Imoogi/Gao Bat Ranger)Bat Golden Melon Hammers Reka
  • (To Mamoru Amamai)Uh Don't Do It
  • (To Imoogi/Gao Bat Ranger)What In The World
  • (To Mamoru Amami)No Stop You Can't Smash it
  • (To Imoogi/Gao Bat Ranger)Never See Him Before

Crest of HopeEdit

Theme SongEdit

  • Real Action


  • Jet Ski

Glowing EyesEdit

  • Yellow


  • Dragonoid Guardians Rising
  • Rise of Bat Kingdom


  • Takeru Satoh
  • Takemi

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