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Godzilla(Disney/Non-Disney/Daikaiju-Verse) Is The Disney/Non-Disney/Daikaiju-Verse Godzilla.He Is The Main Incarnation And Version Of Godzilla In The 14 Part Reboot And Adaptation Of The Japanese Godzilla Series Godzilla The Movie And Its Many Sequels Put Together Into A Godzilla Series.He Is A Hybrid Of Every Godzilla Transformed From A Fallout Of An Atomic Bomb Test.He Has The Power of Every Godzilla.He Also Has The Spirit Of Every Godzilla.He Also Resembles Every Godzilla.His Atomic Breath Also Changes Color.He Also Has The Roar Of Every Godzilla.He Is The Most Accurate Incarnation Of Godzilla I.R.Navarro Has Ever Created.

Godzilla neo godzilla by kaijusamurai
Alias Gojira,Ultimate Godzilla,The God Of Destruction,

UltimateGoji,The King Of The Monsters,Big G,Goji,

I.R.Navarros Godzilla,LindaGoji,Monster Zero One,Kaiju Alpha

I.R.Navarros Most Accurate Godzilla,The King Of Kaiju,

Disney/Non-Disney/Daikaiju-Verse Godzilla,Japanese American Godzilla,

The First Kaiju,I.R.Navarros Heroic/Anti-Heroic Godzilla,

I.R.Navarros Godzilla Based On Heroic/Anti-Heroic Godzilla,

New Line Cinema Godzilla,NewLineCinemaGoji,AlmightyGoji,Monster Zero One,G,G Monster,

Species Prehistoric Amphibious Reptilian Kaiju(In His Normal Life)

Hybrid Of Every Godzilla(In His Irradiated Life)

Forms Prehistoric Amphibious Reptilian Kaiju/Godzillasaurus(Unrradiated Form)




Godzilla(Millenium)/(2000)/(Vs Megaguirus)/(Kiryu Saga)/(Final Wars)


Godzilla(Legendary Pictures)

Super Godzilla




Godzilla(Dark Horse)

I.R.Navarros Shin Godzilla

Some Fanmade Godzillas

A Mixture Of All Incarnations Of Godzilla(Mostly Heroic/Anti-Heroic Ones).
Powers/Skills Color Changing Atomic Breath,Strength,Durability,Supernatural Powers,Transformation,Regeneration,Strong Bite,Sharp Claws,Powerful Tail,Swimming,Amphibiousness,Nuclear Pulse,Supernatural Red Spiral Heat Ray,Magnetic Powers,Fighting Style,He Supernaturally Has The Power Of Every Godzilla,
Origins Japan

Bikini Atoll/The Pacific Ocean

Odo Island

Monster Island

Friends The Good Characters,Anguirus,Rodan,Varan,Mothra,Battra,Godzilla Jr/Minilla,Gorosaurus,King Caesar,Baragon,King Kong,Godzilla(Tristar Remake)/Zilla,

Jet Jaguar,MOGUERA,Yogaro,Rogary,Gogary,Godzilla(Ians Bible Believing Christian Reboot),CharlieIsPoopy(Sometimes),Manda(Sometimes),ETC

Enemies The Bad Characters,Godzillla(Proud And Selfish Earth),Godzilla(Ian Witwickys Remake Series),Anguirus(Sometimes),King Kong(Sometimes),Godzilla(Tristar Remake)/Zilla(Sometimes),Mothra(Sometimes),Battra(Sometimes),

Murgoth,Keizer Ghidorah/Monster X,King Ghidorah,Gigan,Sauron,Ganimes,Gezora,Kamoebas,Orga,Megaguirus,Miba,

MechaGodzilla/Fake Godzilla,Mechagodzilla 2/SuperMechaGodzilla,MechaGodzilla 3/Kiryu,God-Zilla,Devilzilla,CharlieIsPoopy(Sometimes),Maguma,Manda(Sometimes),Kamacuras,

Kumonga,Ebirah,Hedorah,Giant Condor,

Megalon,Bagan,Biollante,SpaceGodzilla,Destroyah,Other Villainous Monsters,ETC.

First Appearance Godzilla:The Movie
Inspiration Godzilla(Japanese Original),Godzilla(MonsterVerse),
Created By I.R.Navarro

Appearance Edit

As An Irradiated Creature.He Is A Complete And Pure Mixture Of Every Godzilla With Blackish Gray And Green Scaly Skin And Maple Leaf-Shaped Dorsal Plates Running Down His Back And Big Legs Of All His Other Incarnations And Long Arms Of All Of His Other Incarnations And A Long Powerful Tail.As A Normal Creature.He Is A Prehistoric Amphibious Dinosaurian Reptile That Resembles A Tyrannosaurus Rex Stegosaurus Iguanadon Gojirasaurus Komodo Dragon And A Crocodile.

Personality Edit

He Is Much More Of A Hero/Anti-Hero Than A Villain That Shows That This Incarnation And Version Of Godzilla Is Based On Godzilla Being An Anti-Hero.

King Kong(Peter Jacksons Remake)-He Is Much Like The Incarnation Of King Kong From Peter Jacksons King Kong.They Both Look Like They Are Bad At First But Are Lated Realized That They Are Good.

Godzilla(MonsterVerse)-He Is Also Much Like His Legendary Pictures Counterpart.That He Is Most Of The Time Passive And Protective To Mankind.

Godzilla(Japanese Original) As A Hero/Anti-Hero-He Is Also Much Like His Japanese Toho Counterpart That He Also Becomes Aggressive When Provoked Or Messed With.He Is Also Mainly Passive And Protective.

Godzilla(Hanna Barbera)-Pretty Much Like The Hanna Barbera Godzilla.He Is More Of A Hero/Anti-Hero Than A Villain.

Zilla Jr-He Is Also Like Zilla Jr That He Is Also Protective To His Non Kaiju Friends.

Origins Edit

Pretty Much Like His Japanese Original Counterpart(Who Was Originally Going To Be A Sea Monster From A Film Called The Ghostly Whale That Came From The Sea To Attack Tokyo Or The Giant Monster From 20,000 Legues Under The Sea).He Was Originally Going To Be A Godzilla That Is A Prehistoric Amphibious Creature God Enchanced By Nuclear H Bomb Testing That Appears In A Series Of Fanmade Remakes And Adaptations Of The Japanese Godzilla Films Lord Ian Hans And The Monster King(That Is Also Supposed To Be A Sequel To King Kong And Zilla).But After I.R.Navarro Rewatched The Godzilla Films By Toho Tristar And Legendary Pictures.He Decides To Make His Godzilla A Prehistoric Amphibious Reptilian Kaiju Awakened And Transformed Into A Hybrid Of Every Godzilla By Nuclear H Atomic Bomb Testing This Also Shows That He Changed Godzillas Origin Accurately The Way He Likes.

Films Edit

Godzillas Ancient Years(As A Normal Prehistoric Creature/Unirradiated Creature)

Godzilla:The Movie

Godzilla:Rise To The Throne


Godzilla:War Of The Worlds


Godzilla Vs The World

Godzilla:Terror And Trouble In America

Godzilla And The Monsters Outside Of The Godzilla Universe And The King Kong Universe


Godzilla And The Myths And Mutations


Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • There Is Also A Prequel To The 14 Part Reboot And Adaptation Of The Godzilla Franchise By Toho In 1954 Godzilla:The Movie Called Godzillas Ancient Years That Comes Out Before Godzilla:The Movie And After King Kong And Zilla And Takes Place Before Murgoths Slaughtering Of Godzilla Species And Godzillas Awakening And Irradiation By The Nuclear H Bomb Testing In The Pacific Ocean.Featuring A Normal And Unirradiated Godzilla Playing Around And Having Fun With His Old Friends And Defending Himself Against His Old Enemies.
  • Despite Being The Most Accurate Godzilla I.R.Navarro Ever Created.It Is Also Possible That The Version And Incarnation Of Godzilla Is A Supernatural Creature Besides Being An Irradiated Prehistoric Amphibious Creature Or A Giant Godzillasaurus Mostly Because Of Being A Hybrid Of Every Godzilla.Also His Films And Their Preludes,Prequels And Spin Offs Are Also Set In I.R.Navarros Fictionalized Version Of The Universe Known As Linda(Crazy Earth).
  • He And His Japanese Origianal Counterpart And MonsterVerse Counterpart Share Many Similarities.All Three Godzillas Are Awakened By Nuclear H Bomb(Japanese Original Godzilla Created By Nuclear H Bomb,Disney/Non-Disney/Daikaiju-Verse Godzilla Transformed By Nuclear H Bomb Testing,MonsterVerse Godzilla Enhanced By Nuclear H Bomb).All Three Godzilla Seem To Be Bad At First But Later Realized By Mankind That They Are Good.All Three Godzillas Fight Other Monsters Throughout Their Series.
  • While The Japanese Original Godzilla Is Originally Going To Be A Sea Monster From A Film Called The Ghostly Whale That Came From The Sea To Attack Tokyo Or The Giant Monster From 20,000 Legues Under The Sea.I.R.Navarros Godzilla Is Originally Going To Be A Godzilla That Is A Prehistoric Amphibious Creature God Enhanced By Nuclear H Bomb(While Gojira Was Originally Going To Be His Father).

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