Godzilla (Proud And Selfish Earth) Later Known As The False Godzilla.He Is The Last Remaning Dragon In Proud And Selfish Earth.His Types Of Dragon Are Giant Lizards.Pretty Much Like Godzilla (Tristar Remake)/Zilla.He Was Also Once Intended To be An Incarnation Of Godzilla.But Shared Very Few Similarities With Him And Showed So Many Difference.Such As Eating For Life Gaining.Being The Last Member Of His Species Known As The Dragons Instead Of Being A Godzillasaurus Awakened And Mutated By Nuclear H Bomb ETC.He Breathes Fire Instead Of Atomic Breath.

Godzilla(Proud And Selfish Earth)
Godzilla 2002
Alias The King Of The Monsters (By Proud And Selfish Earth),The Last Dragon,Proud And Selfish Earths Godzilla/Worldwide Godzilla,False Godzilla,Counterfeit Godzilla,The Worlds Last Surviving Dragon,The Worlds Last Surviving Giant Lizard,I.R.Navarros Zilla
Species Giant Lizard
First Appearance Godzilla King Of The Monsters FUNNY (Pre-Series)

Godzilla Vs The Eru Dragon (Pre-Series)

Godzilla(Lord Gagas Remake Film)

Last Appearance Godzilla 3 A Deadly Finale (As His Lord Gagas Remake Incarnation)
Friends LuciferPoopy And His Team
Enemies The Monsters In Lord Gagas Remake Series.Godzilla Judy Hopps And Hamtaro
Inspiration Godzilla (In Proud And Selfish Earth),Godzilla(Tristar Remake)/Zilla (In The Entire Universe),The Blob,

Appearance Edit

Proud And Selfish Earths Godzilla Is A 300 Foot Lizard That Resembles KiryuGoji.


While The Regular Godzilla Is Some Type Of A Prehistoric Giant Reptile Who Becomes Aggressive When Provoked Or Messed With.Proud And Selfish Earths Godzilla Is A Type Of Dragon That Is A Giant Lizard Who Needs To Eat To Survive And Stay Safe.As He Eats Anything That Moves.


Compared To The Original Godzilla Who Is A Prehistoric Monster Awakened From A Million Year Sleep.This Godzilla Is The Last Surviving Dragon In Proud And Selfish Earth.

Films Edit


As His Lord Gagas Remake Incarnation Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Despite Proud And Selfish Earths Godzilla Being Another Failed Reimagining Of Godzilla.This Godzilla Is Very Similar To Zilla:
    • They Both Are Originally Intended To Be Incarnations Of Godzilla.But Shared Very Few Similarities With The Real Character And Beared So Many Differences.
    • They Both Are Originally Concieved To Be More Accurate Depictions Of Godzilla.
    • Both Of Their History Started From Two Foreign Godzilla Films (Zilla:Godzilla King Of The Monsters 3d,Godzilla Vs The Gryphon,False Godzilla:Godzilla King Of The Monsters FUNNY,Godzilla Vs The Eru Dragon,Though The Difference Is Godzilla King Of The Monsters 3d And Godzilla Vs The Gryphon Are Cancelled And Godzilla King Of The Monsters FUNNY And Godzilla Vs The Eru Dragon Are Made.) Before Their Remake Films Came Out.
    • They Both Are Way Too Small And Weak To Be Godzilla.
    • They Both Are Different Species Than The Original Godzilla Who Is Either A Prehistoric Reptile Or Dinosaur (The 1998 Godzilla Is A Mutated Iguana,The Proud And Selfish Earth Godzilla Is A Giant Lizard).
    • They Both Are Now Labeled Separate Characters From The Real Monster.
    • They Both Are Renamed (Proud And Selfish Earths Godzilla Is Renamed False Godzilla,Tristars Godzilla Is Renamed Zilla).
    • They Both Meet The Same Fate That Is Being Slain By The Real Godzilla (Zilla Is Slain By The Original Toho Godzilla In Final Wars,False Godzilla Is Slain By The Disney/Non-Disney/Daikaiju-Verse Godzilla In Part 2 Of Godzilla:The Movie).
  • Proud And Selfish Earths Godzilla Is Natural In Origin Because Of Being The Last Member Of His Species.
  • In The 9 part American Version Of Godzilla The Movie Set In San Francisco Rather Than Tokyo.Ian Witwickys Godzilla Replaces Lord Gagas Godzilla To Fight Godzilla In Part 2 That Is Set In New York And Rio De Janeiro Rather That Osaka And Sydney.
  • The History Of Proud And Selfish Earths Godzilla Begins Earlier With Two Lazy-Made Fanmade Foreign Godzilla Films Known As Godzilla King Of The Monsters FUNNY (That Is Set In New York) And Godzilla Vs The Eru Dragon And The Director Of These Two Films Is Proud Ian (That Could Also Show That I.R.Navarros Name As His Proud And Arrogant Self Is Proud Ian).The Characters Design Shows That He Resembles Godzilla On The Outside But Resembles Zilla On The Inside.In These Two Films He Acts Like He Is Really Godzilla.
  • Although He Is Now Named False Godzilla For Sharing Similarities With The American Godzilla Or A Foreign Godzilla Rather Than The Japanese Godzilla.It Is Also Possible That A Better And Correct Version Of His Film Series Is Completed.Where He Is A Mutated Dinosaur Rather Than A Giant Lizard.

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