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Godzilla(Short Film Series) Is A Series Of Short Godzilla Films That Are The Other Installments Of Ians Religious Godzilla Series.They Were Distributed By Toho In Japan And Warner Brothers And Paramount Pictures In The US.

Godzilla(Short Film Series)
Produced By I.R.Navarro
Directed By I.R.Navarro
Written By I.R.Navarro
Music By I.R.Navarro
Distributed By Toho

Warner Brothers

Paramount Pictures

Production Company Alltime Entertainment,Decode Entertainment
Based On The Japanese Godzilla Series By Toho
Preceded By Godzilla 3 Battle Royale
Followed By Godzilla King Kong Zilla And Mothra World Salvation
Rating PG-13

Godzilla Vs The Cloverfield Monster Plot Edit

Godzilla Battle Clover In New York.

Godzilla Vs GMK Godzilla Plot Edit

Godzilla Battles Godzilla 2001.

Godzilla Vs God-Zilla Plot Edit

Godzilla Battles The Dragon Tyrannosaurus Stegosaurus Gorilla And Whale And Many Others Classified Monster.

Godzilla In The Outside World Plot Edit

Taking Place In 2016 Godzilla Begins To Rampage In Cities All Over The World When His Non Kaiju Friends Are In Trouble.He Also Battles Some Of His Foes.

Godzilla Varan Baragon And Anguirus In Las Vegas Plot Edit

Godzilla Varan Baragon And Anguirus Destroy Las Vegas.

Godzilla Varan Baragon And Anguirus In Asia Plot Edit

Godzilla Varan Baragon And Anguirus Go To Asia.

Godzilla Meets King Kong Plot Edit

Godzilla Meets The 8th Wonder Of The World.

Godzilla Vs The Zillas Plot Edit

The Remaning Zilla Eggs Begin To Hatch.Terror In The Whole World Begins And Their Only Hope Is Godzilla.

Godzilla Vs The Devilzillas Plot Edit

The Remaining Devilzilla Eggs Begin To Hatch.Terror In The Whole World Begins Again And Their Only Hope Is Godzilla.

Godzilla And All Monsters Attack Plot Edit

Godzilla And Many Other Classic Monsters And New Monsters Go To War.

Godzilla Vs Gezora Kameba And Ganimes Plot Edit

Godzilla Battles The Monsters From Space Amoeba.

Godzilla Vs Biollante Plot Edit

Godzilla Battles The Plant Kaiju.

Godzilla Vs Ebirah Plot Edit

Godzilla Battles The Giant Lobster.

Godzilla Vs Oodako Plot Edit

Godzilla Battles The Giant Octopus.

Godzilla Vs Gamera Plot Edit

Godzilla Battles The Friend Of All Children.

Characters Edit

Non Kaiju Characters Edit

Lord Ian Hans-Charlie Barkins Handsome Human Counterpart.

Lord Ian Hans Crew-Lord Ian Hans Main Friends.

Steve The Miner-A Miner That Sometime Kills Animals For Food.

Ian Hood-An Anti Heroic Criminal.

The Other Characters-The Many Other Characters

Kaiju Characters Edit

Godzilla-The King Of The Monsters And The Idol Of The Good Characters.He Is The Primary Kaiju Protagonist Of The Series.

Godzilla(Tristar Remake)/Zilla-An Incarnation Of Godzilla Later Known As Zilla.

King Kong-A Giant Ape Known As The 8th Wonder Of the World.

Cloverfield-An Unknown Creature.

King Caesar-A Giant Shisa

Mothra-A Giant Divine Moth.

Battra-Mothras Evil Male Counterpart.

Varan-A Flying Giant Lizard.

Baragon-A Horned Subterranean Reptile.

Anguirus-A Giant Ankylosaurus.

Gorosaurus-A Giant Theropod.

Devilzilla-A Hybrid Parody Of Godzilla.

God-Zilla-A Hybrid Of A Dragon Tyrannosaurus Rex Stegosaurus A Gorilla And A Whale And Many Others Classified.

Gezora-An Alien Squid.

Ganimes-An Alien Crab.

Kameba-A Giant Turtle.

Gamera-A Giant Flying Turtle.

Godzilla 2001-The First Godzilla That Returns As A Ghost Being Possessed By Those Who Perished In World War 2.

Trivia Edit

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