Godzilla:The Movie(The Ugly Version) Sometimes Known As Zilla:The Movie Or G.I.N.O.:The Movie Is A 6 Part Science Fiction Supernatural Fantasy Crossover Film And Another Version Of Godzilla The Movie Based On Tristars Godzilla Series.It Was Distributed By Toho In Japan And Tristar Warner Brothers And New Line Cinema In The US.

Godzilla:The Movie(The Ugly Version)
Produced By I.R.Navarro
Directed By I.R.Navarro
Written By I.R.Navarro
Music By I.R.Navarro
Distributed By Toho


Warner Brothers

New Line Cinema

Based On The Japanese American Version.

Tristars Godzilla Series

Inspired By Tristars Godzilla Series
Rating PG-13

Godzilla The Movie(The Ugly Version) Chapter 1 Godzilla(1998) Plot Edit

Following A Nuclear H Bomb Testing In French Polynesia.A Japanese Cargo Ship Is Being Attacked And Sunk By An Unidentified Creature.One Survived To Say That He Saw Godzilla.Than Days Later.Several Fishing Boats Begin To Be Sunk By Some Mysterious Cause.Than They Begin To Discover The Creature As Godzilla.Than Later In New York.Godzilla Begins Entering And Attacking The City.Causing People To Run In Terror.Than Later That Evening.They Begin To Trap Godzilla By Dumping Fish In The Middle Of The Street.Than Godzilla Rises Out Of The Sewer And Make His Way To The Bait.Than Godzilla Eats The Fish.The Trap Worked.The Army Begin Firing As Godzilla But Failed.Godzilla Battles And Flees From The Army.Than Godzilla Lays Eggs.Moments Later He Battles And Flees From The Army Once Again.Than He Jumps Into The Hudson River.Than Godzilla Battles The Nuclear Submarines.Than Godzilla Is Defeated.But Its Not Over Yet.They Begin To Battle The Baby Godzillas Than The Army Kills The Babies.Then The Parent Godzilla Returns.He Is Angry With The Destroyers.Then He Chases The Destroyers To The Brooklyn Bridge.Then The Army Shoots And Kills Him With The F-18s.Then One Egg Hatches That They Will Be A Second Godzilla.

Godzilla The Movie(The Ugly Version) Chapter 2 Godzilla 2 Plot Edit

After The Death of The First Godzilla.One Egg Hatched and The Baby Grow Into Another Godzilla And The New Godzilla Fights Countless Other Monsters Including a Demon Named Satan Rex Who Seeks To Enslave Everyone And Take Over The Universe.Satan Rex Enslaves The Good Guys And Put Them On Board His Ship.But Their Heroes Came And Sink The Ship.Than All The Good Guys Are Free.Then Godzilla And All His Friends Battle Satan Rex In His Flying Form In Sydney.Then When Satan Rex Is Defeated.All Of The Good Guys Are Safe At Last.

Godzillla The Movie(The Ugly Version) Chapter 3 Godzilla 3 Monster Wars Plot Edit

Satan Rex Rises To Power On His Plot.His Minions Take Control Of The Monsters To Rampage And Attack Worldwide.Godzilla Battles His Cyber Counterpart (Who Is In Fact The First Godzilla Resurrected).Then When Satan Rex And Cyber Godzilla Is Defeated.Godzilla Won.

Godzilla The Movie(The Ugly Version) Chapter 4 Godzilla 4 Cash Of The Titans Plot Edit

Godzilla Is Kidnapped So Its Up To His Friends To Come And Rescue Him.

Godzilla The Movie(The Ugly Version) Chapter 5 Godzilla 5 New York City SOS Plot Edit

Godzilla,C-Rex,El Gusano Gigante,Giant Bat,Chameleon,And DNA Mimic Emerge.

Godzilla The Movie(The Ugly Version) Chapter 6 Godzilla 6 The Final Battle Plot Edit

Satan Rex Is Rising To Power.All Of The Monsters Begin Attacking WorldWide.Shortly Before Godzilla And His Friends Battle With Satan Rex.Satan Rex Then Ties Up And Gags His Former Henchman Ian Katagiri And Calls Him A Disappointment.Then Godzilla And  His Friends Begin to Face Satan Rex As The Giant Battle Between Godzilla And His Friends And Satan Rex And His Minions In New York Begins.Godzilla Battles Satan Rex And The Good Guys Battle The Bad Guys.Then In The Last Wave Of The Battle.Satan Rex Almost Defeats Godzilla.But Godzilla Gains The Upper Hand And Fights Back Against And Defeats Satan Rex.Then In The End Of The Battle.Cameron Winter Gets Arrested By The Police After His Monster Is Defeated In The Battle.Many Are Injured But Are Okay.Godzilla And His Friends Are Now In Peace And All Of Mankind Is Safe And Godzilla Will Now And Forever Be The New King Of The Monsters.

Characters Edit

Non Kaiju Characters Edit

  • Dr Niko Tatopoulos-The Main Non Kaiju Protagonist.
  • Philippe Roache-A French Man
  • Audrey Timmonds-The Anchor Woman
  • Victor Animal Palotti-Audreys Assistant
  • Dr Elsie Chapman-A Member Of The H.E.A.T. Team
  • Monique Dupre-A Member Of The H.E.A.T. Team
  • Dr Mendel Craven-A Member Of The H.E.A.T. Team
  • Randy-A Member Of The H.E.A.T. Team.
  • Anthony Hicks-A Military Officer
  • Ian Katagiri-A Japanese Treasure Hunter.He Helps Dr Satan Rex In His Evil Schemes.But He Rebels Only To Be Tied Up.
  • Cameron Winter-He Is Nicks Archnemesis Who Uses Enemy Monsters To Cause Trouble.He Is The Secondary Antagonist Of The Film.
  • The Other Characters-The Many Other Characters Both Good And Bad Who Appear Throughout The Movie.

Kaiju Characters Edit

  • Godzilla (AKA Zilla/Zilla Jr)-An Iguana Mutated Into A Godzilla-Type Creature.Zilla Attacked New York City In 1998 Laid Eggs And Was Later Killed By The Army.Zilla Jr Became A Heroic New Zilla The Battles The Other Monsters.He Is The Main Kaiju Protagonist In the Film.
  • Runt-One Of The First Godzillas Surviving Sons.
  • Teen Godzillas-Some Of The First Godzillas Surviving Sons.
  • Komodithrax-A Mutated Komodo Dragon Whom Godzilla Has A Crush On.
  • Giant Bat-A Mutant Bat.
  • Giant Armadillo-A Mutant Armadillo.
  • Queen Bee-A Mutant Bee.
  • Giant Bees-Mutant Bees.
  • Giant Squids-GIant Mutant Squids.
  • Mutant Jellyfish-A Bug-Like Mutation That Has An Acidic Saliva.
  • Mutant Manta Ray-A Mutated Manta Ray That Can Fly And Breathe Supercooled Air.
  • Crustaceous Rex-A Mutant Crustacean.
  • Nanotech Creature-A Garbage Eating Blob.
  • Giant Rats-Mutant Rats.
  • Gigan-A Flying Monster.
  • Bacillus-A Mutant Worm.
  • El Gusano Gigante-A Giant Worm-Like Creature.
  • Giant Mutant Plants-Dangerous Carnivorous Plants That Live On An Island.
  • Armillaria-A Mutant Fungus.
  • Shrewster-A Mutant Shrew.
  • Reptilians-Guard Dogs Created From The D.N.A. Of Dinosaurs By The Leviathan Aliens.
  • Quetzalcoatl-A Mutant Dinosaur Bird.
  • Cryptocleiduis-A Leviathan-Like Monster.
  • Giant Gila Monster-A Mutant Gila Monster.
  • Cyber-Godzilla-The First Godzilla Resurrected As A Cyborg And Tristars Counterpart To MechaGodzilla.
  • Robo-Yeti-A Robotic Yeti
  • Swamp Beast-A Swamp Monster.
  • Rhinosaurus-Mutant Rhino.
  • Nozzug-A Living Statue
  • DNA Mimic-A DNA Creature That Forms Into Any Monster.
  • Giant Centipede-A Mutant Centepede.
  • Ice Borers-Mutated Moles.
  • Crackler-An Electrokinetic Creature.
  • Silver Hydra-A Cnidarian-Like Creature.
  • Medusa-A Mutant Sea Anemone Owned By A Traveling Mutant Circus.
  • Giant Turtle-A Mutant Turtle.
  • Giant Water Beetle-A Mutant Giant Water Beetle.
  • King Cobra-Giant Mutant Cobra.
  • Fire Monster-A Creature Which Had The Power To Surrender Itself With Flames.
  • Desert Lizard-A Mutant Lizard Located In Area 51.
  • Desert Rat-A Mutant Rodent Located In Area 51.
  • Thorny Devil-A Mutant Thorny Devil Located In Area 51.
  • Ts-Eh-Go-A Mutant Scorpion Created By The U.S.Military.
  • D.R.A.G.M.A.-Genetically Engineered Creatures Created To Replace Technology.
  • Skeetra-A Mutant Mosquito.
  • Nessie-A Monster Inspired By The Real Loch Ness Monster.
  • Giant Hummingbirds-Mutated Hummingbirds.
  • Deep-Dweller-Mutated Frogfish.
  • Lizard Slayers-Robots Used By Cameron Winter.
  • Cyber Flies-Robots Used By Cameron Winter.
  • Chameleon-A Monster Used By Cameron Winter.
  • Satan Rex-A Satanic Demonic Monster Who Is A Demonic Hybrid Of Murgoth,Cyberzilla,Gryphon,Queen B.Chameleon,Crackler,DNA Mimic,And The King Cobra.He Is Pure Evil.He Is The Main Antagonist In The Film.

Trivia Edit

  • Satan Rex Is Possibly The Tristar Counterpart Of Murgoth And Ghidorah Put Together.
  • The Reason Why I.R.Navarro Called This Version Of Godzilla:The Movie The Ugly Version.Because Pretty Much Like The Other Godzilla Fans Who Were Disappointed About The Differing Elements Between The Toho Godzilla And The Tristar Godzilla.He Also Realized That The Tristar Godzilla Is Not Enough To Be Godzilla.
  • It Is Also Possible That This Is The Completed Version Of Tristars Godzilla Series.

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