Godzilla:The Movie (American Version) Is The 9 Part American Version Of The Reboot And Adaptation Of The Japanese Godzilla Series Godzilla The Movie.It Is Set In San Francisco Rather Than Tokyo.Unlike The Original Disney/Non-Disney/Daikaiju-Verse Version.There Are Also Differences.It Was Produced By Legendary Pictures And Distributed By Toho In Japan And Warner Brothers Dreamworks And New Line Cinema In The US.

Godzilla The Movie (American Version)
Produced By I.R.Navarro
Directed By I.R.Navarro
Written By I.R.Navarro
Music By I.R.Navarro
Distributed By Toho

Warner Brothers


New Line Cinema

Based On

Legendarys MonsterVerse

Godzilla By Toho

Inspired By The Japanese Godzilla Series In 1954

Legendary Pictures Godzilla

Rating PG-13

Godzilla The Movie (American Version) Chapter 1 Godzilla:King Of The Monsters Plot Edit

Following A Nuclear H Bomb Testing In The Pacific Ocean In 1954.A Cruise Ship Known As The SS Harry Potter Begins Sinking From Some Strange Attacks And Several More Ships Begin Suffering The Same Fate.Some Survivors Return To Tell Others What They Saw.It Was Identified To Be An Prehistoric Amphibious Reptilian Dinosaur-Like Monster Known As Godzilla Awakened By Nuclear H Bomb Testing.Charlie And Itchy Are On A Super Long Vacation.Godzilla Makes His First Appearance In Hawaii.Than When They Get The First Sighting Of Godzilla.They Must Tell The Public.Than Later This Beautiful Evening In San Francisco.Everyone Is At Peace Until Godzilla Shows Himself And They Call The Army To Go After The Monster.That Fearful Night.Godzillas First Attack Begins.Godzilla His First Wave Of His Rampage.Starting With Himself Rampaging Through The Streets Of San Francisco.Than He Returns To The Harbor.Than Rises From The Harbor Again And Starts The Rest Of His Rampage In San Francisco.Godzilla Attacks San Francisco.Godzilla Battles The Army.But Unfortunately For The Army Godzilla Is Way Too Strong And Powerful.Most Of San Francisco Are In Flames.Godzilla Continues On His Rampage In San Francisco.Than He Later Towards The Golden Gate Bridge.Than The Fighter Jets Make Him Flee.Than The Next Morning Finds San Francisco In Ruins.Many Including Charlie And Itchy Are Hospitalized.Than Mankind Begin Praying For Various Reasons Such As For Those Who Were Injured In Godzillas First Attack And Playing Music For Those Who Perished In Godzillas First Attack.Days Later In A Ship That Found The Location Of Godzilla.The Injured And Hospitalized Charlie And Itchy Watches As Godzilla Gets Killed By The Oxygen Reducer.Than Godzilla Is Defeated.

Godzilla The Movie (American Version) Chapter 2 The Rebirth Of Godzilla Plot Edit

Godzilla Is Back.Godzilla Battles His Ian Witwickys Series Remake And Adaptation Counterpart In New York And Rio De Janeiro.

Godzilla The Movie (American Version) Chapter 3 The Showa Era Plot Edit

Godzilla Battles Anguirus,King Kong,Godzilla(Tristar Remake)/Zilla,Mothra,Gorosuaurus,Baragon,Varan,Kamacuruas,Kumonga,Ebirah,Megalon,MechaGodzilla,Gigan,Hedorah,TItanosaurus,ETC.And Murgoth Escapes.

Godzilla The Movie (American Version) Chapter 4 Destroy All Monsters Melee Part 1 Plot Edit

Murgoth Escapes And Enslaves The Good Characters Aboard His Ship And Sends All The Monsters To Rampage Worldwide.

Godzilla The Movie (American Version) Chapter 5 Destroy All Monsters Melee Part 2 Plot Edit

Godzilla Sinks Murgoths Ships.Godzilla And All The Other Monsters Beatdown Murgoth In His Flying Form.

Godzilla The Movie (American Version) Chapter 6 Heisei Era Plot Edit

Godzilla Battles Many Other Fearsome Monsters.

Godzilla The Movie (American Version) Chapter 7 Millennium Era Plot Edit

Another Time Godzilla Battles His Foes And Friends.

Godzilla The Movie (American Version) Chapter 8 Save The Earth Part 1 Plot Edit

Murgoth And His Flying Reptilian Monster Sidekick Sauron Sauron Are Rising To Power.The Only Hope Is Godzilla And His Kaiju And Non Kaiju Friends.Monsters Began Rampaging All Over The World.Rodan Attacks New York.God-Zilla Attacks Seattle.Anguirus Attacks Shanhai.Gorosaurus Attacks Paris.Godzilla(Tristar Remake)/Zilla Attacks Tokyo.Baragon Attacks Sydney.Varan Attacks Israel.Manda Attacks China.King Caesar Attacks Okinawa And Many Other Monsters Attack Worldwide And Godzilla Is Currently Held Prisoner In The South Pole And His Non Kaiju Friends Come To Rescue Him For His Help To Defeat Murgoth And Sauron.

Godzilla The Movie (American Version) Chapter 9 Save The Earth Part 2 Plot Edit

Godzillas Non Kaiju Friends Rescue Godzilla In The South Pole.Godzilla Fights Gigan In The South Pole.Godzilla Fights God-Zilla In Seattle.Godzilla Fights Kumonga In A Field In ilocos.Godzilla Fights Several Other Villainous Monsters Worldwide.Than Godzilla Finally Arrives In America Fights Battra.Then Battles Megalon Megaguirus And Destroyah Then Godzilla Finally Arrives In San Francisco As The Good Guys Known As His Kaiju And Non Kaiju Friends Celebrate His Arrival In San Francisco He And His Kaiju And Non Kaiju Friends Get Ready To Battle The Demonic Kaiju Murgoth And The Villain Turned Hero Wizard That Turns Into A Flying Monster Sauron(Who Is Lord Ian Hans Gone Bad).As The Two Villains Arrive The Giant Battle Between Godzilla And His Kaiju And Non Kaiju Friends And Murgoth And His Minions Begins.San Francisco Turns Into A Battlefield With A Giant Battle Between Godzilla And The Good Guys And Murgoth And The Bad Guys.In The Third And Final Wave Of The Battle Murgoth Transforms Into A Giant Ghidorah Looking Monster To Fight Godzilla He Almost Kills Godzilla (He Enters The Afterlife To Visit His Deceased Relatives For A While).But With The Supernatural Means That This Non Kaiju Friends Use Godzilla Will Be Able To Fight Back.Godzilla Defeats Murgoth (Also By Using His Red Spiral Heat Ray At The Evil Satanic Kaiju Beheading Him) Also With The Help Of Charlie Barkin Praying The Our Father As Mugoth Is Defeated (He Is Trapped In Hell For Eternity).Than Godzilla Falls Asleep Until The Next Morning.Shortly Before Godzilla Awakens In the Next Morning Lord Ian Hans || Defeated From His Sauron Flying Monster From Back To His Normal Form After His Battle With Mothra During The Battle Gets Arrested By The Police.Godzilla Awakens Jr Arrives And Godzilla And Jr Departs Home In Peace.Godzillas Kaiju And Non Kaiju Friends Are Now In Peace Godzilla Will Now And Forever Be The King Of The Monsters.

Characters Edit

Non Kaiju Characters Edit

  • Charlie Barkin-A German Shepherd Mix.He Is The Main Non Kaiju Protagonist Of The Film
  • Itchy Itchiford-A Duchaund And Charlie Barkins Sometimes Whiny Sidekick.
  • Pastor Serizawa-A Female Pastor And Scientist.
  • Old Lord Ian Hans-A Hero Turned Villain.
  • Other Characters-Sonic The Hedgehog Tails The Fox Knuckles The Echidna Amy Rose Cream The Rabbit Big The Cat Shadow The Hedgehog Rouge The Bat 123 E Omega Silver The Hedgehog Blaze The Cat Marina The Raccoon Twilight Sparkle Rainbow Dash Fluttershy Rarity Pinkie Pie Applejack Spike The Dragon Countless Other Disney/Non Disney Characters.

Kaiju Characters Edit

  • Godzilla-A Giant Prehistoric Amphibious Reptilian Dinosaur-Like Monster Well Known As The King Of The Monsters.He is The Main Kaiju Protagonist In the Film.
  • King Kong-A Giant Prehistoric Ape Well Known As The Eight Wonder Of The World.He Is The Last Member Of His Species.
  • Battra-Mothras Male Counterpart.
  • Baragon-A Horned Subterranean Reptile.
  • Varan-A Giant Flying Lizard.
  • Rodan-A Giant Pteranodon.
  • Sanda-Frankensteins Good Son.
  • Gaira-Frankensteins Evil Son.
  • Murgoth-An Evil Satanic Demonic Monster Who Wants To Kill Godzilla And Take Over Everything.He Goes In many Forms.He Serves As The Main Antagonist In the Film.
  • Lord Ian Hans ||/Sauron-Murgoths Hero Turned Villain Henchman.He Is The Secondary Antagonist In The Film.
  • Orga -An Alien Godzillsaurus.
  • Destroyah-A Crustacean Monster That Came From The Oxygen Destroyer.
  • MechaGodzilla 3/Kiryu-Godzillas Second Man-Made Mechanical Counterpart Made From The Decomposed Dead Body Of The Original Godzilla In 1954.
  • God-Zilla-A Hybird Of A Gorilla And A Whale Tyrannosaurus Stegosaurus And A Dragon.

Trivia Edit

  • Chapter 1 Is Set In Modern Day America Rather Than In 1954 That Can Also Make It An American Godzilla Resurgence That Takes Place In A Time When The World Gets Under Attack.
  • While Godzilla In The Regular Version Resembles Every Godzilla That Shows That He Is Designed As An Irradiated Prehistoric Reptile-Like Hybrid Of Every Godzilla With Blackish Gray And Green Scaly Skin,Dorsal Plates Shaped Like Maple Leaves Running Down His Back,Big Legs Of All Of His Other Incarnations,Long Arms Of All Of His Other Incarnations,And A Long Powerful Tail.Godzilla In This Version Mostly Resembles A CGI Version Of The Millennium Godzilla That Shows That He Is Designed As An Irradiated Prehistoric Amphibious Reptilian Creature With Blackish Green Scaly Skin,Sharp Dorsal Plates That Look Like Maple Leaves In His Back,Chubby Legs And Slightly Long Arms And A Slightly Long Tail.
  • This Film Also Burrowed Similar Elements From JK Rowlings Harry Potter Books.The Events In This Film Are Also Similar To the Events Of The Harry Potter Book Series By JK Rowling.