Godzilla (1954) Is The First Incarnation Of Godzilla.He Is The First Godzilla Who Wreaked Havoc In Tokyo In 1954.He First Appeared In The Original 1954 Godzilla Film.

Godzilla (1954)
Godzilla 1954
Alias Gojira,The First Godzilla,Godzilla 1954,The King Of The Monsters

The God Of Destruction,ShodaiGoji,First Generation Godzilla,Original Godzilla

Species Irradiated Prehistoric Amphibious Reptile
First Appearance Godzilla (1954 Film)
Last Appearance Godzilla Tokyo SOS
Friends N/A
Enemies The World
Creator Toho

Appearance Edit

Godzilla 1954 Resembles A Giant Prehistoric Amphibious Reptile With A Head That Looks Like A Tyrannosaurus Rex,Dorsal Plates That Are Shaped Like Maple,Arms And Legs That Slightly Look Like And Iguanadon, And A Slightly Long Tail.


This Godzilla Is A Neutral Creature Who Becomes Aggressive When Provoked Or Messed With.Also He Is Outraged With The World For Awakening And Irradiating Him.

Role In The Film Edit

A Nuclear H Bomb Testing In The Pacific Ocean Awakens And Irradiates A Prehistoric Amphibious Reptilian Monster Known As Godzilla.Years Later.The Monster Begins Sinking Several Ships.The Odo Island Natives Claim That The Sinking Ships Are The Works Of Their Sea God Godzilla.Than In One Fearsome Stormy Night In Odo Island.The Monster Begins Taking Refuge In Odo Island.Than When The People Went To Odo Island.They Finally Got The Sighting Of The Monster.Than He Leaves Odo Island.Than Later That Night In Tokyo.He Swims Through Tokyo Harbor.Than Comes Ashore To Attack Shinagawa.Than Returns To The Sea.Than The Other Fearsome Night.Godzilla Agains Comes Ashore.Breaks Through The Electric Fences.And Attacks And Destroys Tokyo.When Godzillas Rampage Is About Ready To End.The Fighter Jets Start To Make Godzilla Flee.Than Days Later.Daisuke Serizawa Activates The Oxygen Destroyer.The Oxygen Destroyer Kills Both Godzilla And Daisuke Serizawa.Ending Godzillas Reign Of Terror Onces And For All.

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  • It Is Also Theorized That Either Godzilla Survived The Oxygen Destroyer Or A Second Member Of His Species Exist.