Godzilla (Disney/Non-Disney Crossover Physical Bible)/Gojira Is A God-Like Reptilian Kaiju Who First Appeared In I.R.Navarros Religious Reboot Godzilla (2013 Film).He Is The Main Kaiju Of Ians Religious Godzilla Reboot Godzilla (2013 Film). Its Sequel Godzilla 2 Destroy All Monsters Godzilla 3 Battle Royale Godzilla The Short Film Series And Godzilla King Kong Zilla And Mothra World Salvation.All These Films That he Appears In Are Also Disney And Non Disney Crossover Films.He Is A God-Like Prehistoric Amphibious Reptile Awaken By Nuclear H Bomb Testing.

                                                              Disney/Non-Disney/Toho Kaiju
Godzilla 2014 by birmelini-d6rj94n
Alias Idol Of The Good Characters,The King Of The Monsters,Gojira

I.R.Navarros First True Godzilla,Worldwide Godzilla,ReligiousGodGoji,Godzilla 2013,ParamountGoji,Religious Godzilla,Disney/Non-Disney Crossover Physical Bible Godzilla,Incarnation Of God,

Species God-Like Prehistoric Amphibious Reptile.
First Appearance Godzilla (I.R.Navarros Religious Reboot Film)
Last Appearance Godzilla King Kong Zilla And Mothra World Salvation
Friends Lord Ian Hans King Kong Rodan Mothra Zilla (Currently)
Enemies Charlie The Hellhound Murgoth King Ghidorah SpaceGodzilla Zilla (Formerly)
Inspiration Japanese Godzilla,Legendary Godzilla,

Appearance Edit

This Godzilla Is An Extremely Gigantic Prehistoric Amphibious Reptile That Resembles The Japanese Godzilla And The Legendary Godzilla.He Has A Body And Arms Shaped Like The Legendary Godzilla,Legs Shaped Like The 1954 Godzilla,Dorsal Plates Shaped Like The Heisei Godzilla, And A Head Shaped Like The 1998 Godzilla.

Personality Edit

This Godzilla Is More Gentle And Friendlier Than His Other Counterpart.He Has The Personality Of The Showa Godzilla And The Legendary Godzilla.Also He Is More Of A Natural Angel.As He May Sometimes Be An Anti-Hero.


This Godzilla Is A Giant Amphibious Reptile That Evolved Since Prehistoric Times.


Trivia Edit

  • This Version Of Godzilla Bears A Strong Resemblance To The Japanese Godzilla And The Legendary Godzilla That Also Makes Him Even More Gentle Than All Of The Other Incarnations Of Godzilla.
  • In Response Of Lord Gagas Failed Reminagining Of Godzilla And Ian Witwickys So Close Adaptation Of Godzilla.This Godzilla Was Confirmed To Be A Correct Adaptation Of Godzilla.
  • This Godzilla May Also Be Considered The Cousin Of The Legendary Godzilla:
    • Both Incarnations Of Godzilla Are Gentle And Passive To Humans Unlike Their Other Incarnations.
    • They Both Ignore Military Attacks.Also When Attacked By The Military.
    • They Both Are Bigger Incarnations Of Godzilla.
    • They Both Focus Only On Being Aggressive To Other Monsters.
  • This Incarnation Of Godzilla Is Part Classic Godzilla Part Godzilla 2014 (Legendary Godzilla).
  • It Is Also Possible That The Version Of Godzilla Will Suffer The Same Fate As Proud And Selfish Earths Godzilla.Because Of Being A Supporting Character In Godzilla: Rise To The Throne And Also Because Of The Disney/Non-Disney/Daikaiju-Verse Godzilla Being The Most Faithful Adaptation Of Godzilla I.R.Navarro Has Ever Confirmed.

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