Godzilla (Final Wars) Is The Incarnation Of Godzilla That Appeared In Tohos 50th Anniversary Godzilla Film Godzilla:Final Wars.

Toho Kaiju
Alias Godzilla 2004,Godzilla 2005,Big G,Goji,Gojira,GiraGoji,

King Of The Monsters

Species Irradiated Prehistoric Amphibious Reptile
Friends Mankind,Minilla,Mothra,
Enemies Xilians,Zilla,Kumonga,Kamacuras,Anguirus,Rodan,King Caesar,

Hedorah,Ebirah,Gigan,Monster X/Keizer Ghidorah.

First Appearance Godzilla: Final Wars
Last Appearance Godzilla: Final Wars

Appearance Edit

The Final Wars Godzilla Is An Giant Prehistoric Amphibious Reptile With Maple Leaf-Shaped Dorsal Plates On His Back,Long Arms,Big Legs And A Slightly Long Tail.

Personality Edit

Pretty Much Like Godzilla (Showa),Godzilla(Heisei),Godzilla (2000:Millenium) And Godzilla (Vs Megaguirus).He Has Much More Heroic Qualities Than Being A Creature Who Sometimes Become Aggressive When Provoked Of Messed With.

Role In His Films Edit

Godzilla First Appears In 1954.He Begins Rampaging Worldwide.Than In The Antarctic.The Original Gotengo Battles The Monster.Than Locking Him Up In His Icy Prison Ending His Reign Of Terror.Years Later.The New Gotengo Comes To Wake Up Godzilla To Battle The Other Monsters Who Were Attacking Cities Worldwide.When He Is Finally Awakened From His Icy Prison.He Battle Gigan In The South Pole.Than Zilla In Sydney.Than Kumonga In New Gunea.Than Kamacuras When He Finally Comes Ashore In Mt Fuji.Than Later He Fights Anguirus,Rodan And King Caesar In Mt Fuji.Than Later He Finally Arrives In Tokyo.First Fighting Ebirah And Hedorah.Than He Fires His Atomic Breath At Planet Gorath.Than Later He Battles Monster X.Than He And Mothra And Monster X And Gigan Level The Ruins Of Tokyo.After Gigans Defeat In His Battle With Mothra.Godzilla Battles Monster X.Than After The Xilians Are Destroyed.Godzilla Battles Keizer Ghidorah.Keizer Ghidorah Almost Kills Godzilla.But The Humans Use The Supernatural Means To Help Him Gain The Upper Hand.Than Godzilla Fight Back.Also Cutting Off Two Of The Evil Kaijus Head And Tossing The Evil Kaiju Around.Than Throws The Evil Kaiju Into The Air And Firing His Red Spiral Heat Ray At Him Destroying Him For Good.Than Godzilla Continues Chasing The Humans On The Gotengo.Than His Son Comes And His Son Calms Him Down From His Anger To Mankind For Awakening And Irradiating Him.Than Godzilla Finally Forgives Mankind.Than Godzilla And His Son Leaves Tokyo Peacefully And Departs Home And Godzilla Lets Out His Final Roar Through The Screen As The King Of The Monsters.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Pretty Much Like The Godzilla From Godzilla 2000:Millennium.This Godzilla Is Also Believed To Be Godzilla Jr Fully Grown.But This Is Not True.Because Godzilla:Final Wars Share Its Own Continuity.

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