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Godzilla (Millennium) Is The Incarnation Of Godzilla That First Appeared In Godzilla 2000.He First Appeared In Godzilla 2000 And Last Appeared In Godzilla:Final Wars.

Godzilla (Millennium)
Godzilla Millenium
Alias Godzilla 2000,Godzilla 2002/2003,

Godzilla 2004,MireGoji/GiraGoji,KiryuGoji,FinalGoji, King Of The Monsters,

Species Irradiated Prehistoric Amphibious Reptile
Friends Mankind,Minilla,Mothra,
Enemies Orga,Megaguirus,Kiryu,Mothra,Gigan,Godzilla(Tristar Remake)/Zilla,

Kamacuras,Kumonga,Anguirus,King Caesar,Rodan,Ebirah,

Hedorah,Monster X/Keizer Ghidorah,

First Appearance Godzilla 2000
Last Appearance Godzilla:Final Wars

Appearance Edit

He Is A Blackish Grey And Green Scaly Skinned Irradiated Prehistoric Amphibious Reptile With Fire-Looking Dorsal Plates In His Back And Big Legs And Slightly Long Arms And A Slightly Long Tail.

Personality Edit

He Has A Much More Heroic/Anti-Heroic Side Than A Villainous Side.He Sometimes Becomes Aggressive When Provoked Or Messed With.

Role In His Films Edit

He First Appeared When He Is Shown Breaking A Ship In Two With His Jaws Than Later Goes On A Rampage In Numero.Than He Later Arrives Battles The Millenian UFO Than Is Back To Sea.Than Later He Approaches Tokyo To Battle Orga (The Millenians Final Form) Than He Enters Orgas Mouth And Finally Destroys Orga Than He Begins Turning Most Of Tokyo Into A Sea Of Fire.Than Later He Rampages On Osaka.Than He Battles The Meganulas.Than Later In Osaka Battles Megaguirus Than Defeats Her.Than He Gets Defeated (But He Survives).Also During The Events Of The Kiryu Saga He Rose From The Slimy Depths Begins Rampaging Through Japan Mankinds Weapons Tried To Stop The Beast But Failed.The Beast Later Returned To The Sea.The Decomposed Corpse Of The First Godzilla Is Built Into A Robot Named Kiryu.Than Later The Beast Begins To Battle Kiryu.Than His Roar Causes Kiryu To Be Possessed By The Spirit Of The First Godzilla Than Kiryu Goes Berserk And Goes On A Rampage.Than Later He Battles Kiryu Again Than He And Kiryu Flew Into The Sea.Than He Got Scarred On The Chest.Than A Year Later The Beast Wakes Up Than Rampages Through Tokyo.Hopefully For Japan Mothra And Kiryu Begin Battling The Beast.Than Mothra Twins Begins Battling The Beast Also.Than Godzilla Kills Mothra.Causing Her Twins To Get Mad.Than Later Kiryu And Mothra Twins Begin Battling The Beast Than Mothra Twins Begin Shooting Silk Webs All Over The Beast Wrapping And Webbing Him.Than Kiryu Takes The Defeated Beast Back To Sea.Godzillas Bones Are Returned To The Sea.Than During The Events Of Final Wars He Gets Locked Up In Ice By The Original Gotengo.Than When Mankind Is In Trouble He Is Released To Battle All The Other Monsters To Save Mankind.He Battles Gigan In The Antartica,He Battles Godzilla(Tristar Remake)/Zilla In Sydney,He Battles Kumonga In New Guinea,He Battles Kamacuras In Mt Fuji,He Battles Anguirus,King Caesar And Rodan In Mt Fuji,Than He Battles Ebirah And Hedorah When He Finally Arrives In Tokyo.Than He Destroys Gorath.Than Later He,Mothra And Monster X,Gigan Level Tokyo For The Final Battle.Than After Mothra Defeated Gigan And The Xilians Are Destroyed.He Battles Keizer Ghidorah.He Almost Gets Killed By Keizer Ghidorah.But He Gets Regenerated By His Human Friends Than Gave Him Another Chance.He Defeated Keizer Ghidorah.Than He Attempts To Kill The Humans But Is Stopped By His Son Minilla.He Regrets His Anger With And Hatred Of Mankind For Awakening Irradiating Him.Than He And His Son Departs Home In Peace And He Will Forever Be The King Of The Monsters.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • There Are Also Theories That This Godzilla Is Godzilla JR Fully Grown Or This Is The Same Godzilla That Attacks Japan.

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