Godzilla (Vs Megaguirus) Is The Incarnation Of Godzilla That Appeared In Godzilla Vs Megaguirus.

Toho Kaiju
Godzilla00 01
Alias Godzilla 2000,Big G,Goji,GiraGoji,King Of The Monsters
Species Irradiated Prehistoric Amphibious Reptile
Friends Mankind
Enemies Megaguirus,Meganula,
First Appearance Godzilla Vs Megaguirus
Last Appearance Godzilla Vs Megaguirus

Appearance Edit

The Megaguirus Godzilla Is A Much More Greener Giant Prehistoric Amphibious Reptilian Creature With Fire-Looking Maple Leaf-Shaped Dorsal Plates.Slightly Long Arms,Slightly Chubby Legs And A Slightly Long Tail.

Personality Edit

The Megaguirus Godzilla Has The Same Personality As The 1954 Godzilla And The Other Godzillas As He Is Extremely Mad A Humanity For Awakening And Irradiating Him And Also Becomes Aggressive When Provoked Of Messed With.Also He Focuses On Fighting Other Monsters.

Role In His Film Edit

Godzilla Raids Tokyo In 1954.He Later Reappeared In Osaka As He Battles The Humans.Than Years Later He Returns.While Hs Is In The Sea.He Battles Some Fighter Jets.Than He Approaches An Island Only To Be Attacked By Meganulas.Than He Battles The Meganulas.Than He Gets Defeated By The Dimension Tide.But He Survives And Leaves The Island.Than He Returns To The Sea.Than Later He Approaches Modern Day Tokyo.Only To Battle Megaguirus.The Battle Between Godzilla And Megaguirus Ensues.Than Godzilla Finally Defeats Megaguirus.Than Later Godzilla Gets Attracted To The Nuclear Energy Of A Secret Nuclear Project Housed At The Science Institute.Than Later He Gets Defeated Once Again By The Dimension Tide.The Monster Seemly Vanishes.But Moments After The Credits Of The Film.Godzilla Reawakens And Roars.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • It Is Also Possible That This Godzilla Is A Reimagining Of The Original Godzilla.

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