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Godzilla King Of The Monsters FUNNY is A Fanmade Science Fiction Horror Comedy Film.It Is A Foreign Godzilla Film Set In New York.It Was Distributed By Toho In Japan And Paramount In The US.

Plot Edit

The Story Starts With A Fishing Boat Sinking And Disappearing From Some Strange Attacks.Than One Man Survives And Than Days Later In The Hospital His Dying Words Are Godzilla.Moments Later In New York.A Chairman Named Telfer Is Busy Working With His Partner Jonathan.Than Princess Elsa Comes To Talk To Telfer.Minutes Later Telfer Makes Princess Elsa Laugh Than Cry.Minutes Later Some Bad Guys Known As Barry And His Minions Kidnap Princess Elsa.Than Telfer And Jonathan Goes On An Journey To Rescue Princess Elsa From Barry.They Chase Barry.Ever Since They Are About To Rescue Princess Elsa.Godzilla Rises Out Of The Sea And Begins Ravaging Most Of America.Godzilla Attacks Las Vegas To New York City.The Military Tried Their Best To Get Rid Of Godzilla.Also Telfer And Jonathan Are Also Following Godzilla In Order To Rescue Princess Elsa.Than When They Finally Found Barry And His Minions.They Indentify The Strange Person As Princess Elsa As They Finally Rescued Princess Elsa.Than Princess Elsa Giggles And Kisses Telfer.Than It All Ends With Godzilla Burning Much Of The City.

Trivia Edit

  • The Godzilla In This Film Is A God-Like Dragon-Mix Lizard.
  • This Film Is Sometimes Said Or Believed To be The Early Version Of Lord Gagas Godzilla Remake.
  • This Is Also The First Appearance Of Proud And Selfish Earths Godzilla.

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