Earth Guardian
Baragon Neo
Height 20 meters
Length 40 meters
Mass 300 metric tons
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


(Excerpt from "Legend of the Yamato Guardians")

-"One of the first Spawn of Orochi, the Earth Beast Baragon set about to devour the people of Yamato. Blinded by rage and bloodlust, the creature seemed unstoppable, yet the Priests of Yamato intervened before many lives were lost. At first, the valiant holy ones tried to set the beast into slumber using all the sake they could conjure, but this merely made the beast more reckless and destructive. So, the priests had a new idea: seeing Baragon's mighty appetite, they intended to make him so full that he would drift to sleep from both food and drink. Ordering a thousand bowls of rice be made, they presented the feast to Baragon, who gourged himself until he seemed like he would pop. The craftiest of the priests, however, had tricked Baragon. She had mixed dust from the wings of Mothra into the rice, and the monster fell fast asleep. The priests then purified his spirit, squelching his rage, and cast him into a deep slumber..."

Baragon wouldn't appear again until 2004, when he arose to battle a new foe...



  • - Can breath a highly combustable, Heat Ray from mouth, short ranged, but potent, composed of fire and plasma.
  • - Able to leap an astounding 200 meters
  • - Can burrow with remarkable speed
  • - Ears are extra sensitive, and prefers night to day

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