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The Gojira The Hybrid Monster Series Is A Science Fiction Supernatural Fantasy Crossover Film Series.It Features A Hybrid Monster Named God-ZIlla That Is A Hybrid Of A Dragon Tyrannosaurus Rex Stegosaurus And A Gorilla And A Whale And Many Others Classified.It Is Also Set In A Different Version Of The World Called Meteorpia(Where Everyone Is Both Good And Evil For Countless Reasons).It Is A Knock-Off Of Tohos Godzilla Series.It Was Distributed By Dreamworks


The Hybrid Monster

Directed By I.R.Navarro
Produced By I.R.Navarro
Written By I.R.Navarro
Music By I.R.Navarro
Distributed By Dreamworks
Inspired By The Path The 9/11

Tohos Godzilla Series

Rating R

Series 1 Edit

Gojira The Hybrid Monster Edit

Dr Jack Nice Guy Creates A Hybrid Of A Tyrannosaurus Rex Stegosaurus Dragon And A Gorilla And A Whale And Many Others Classified To Destroy The Neopians.This Is God-Zillas First Assault In Neopia.God-Zilla Destroys The Neo York City.All Of The City Lays In Ruins In The Aftermath.Than The Creature Is Destroyed.

Gojira Ruins The Neopians Again Edit

Gojira Battles A Giant Armadillo Named Angilas And Tears Apart Neoington.

Konga Vs Gojira Edit

That Giant Mutant Ape And The Tyrannosaurus Rex Stegosaurus Dragon And Gorilla And Whale And Many Others Classified Hybrid Fight.

Mosura Vs Gojira Edit

The Giant Moth Battles God-Zilla.

Iblis The Three Headed Monster Edit

God-Zilla Mosura And Radon Vs King Ghidurah.

Gojira In Spider Island Edit

God-Zilla Kills All Life In Spider Island.

Gojira Vs The Blob Edit

God-Zilla Battles And Kills The Blob.

Gojira Vs Gigan Edit

God-Zilla Angilas And Iblis And Gigan Fight.

Gojira Vs Megaton Edit

God-Zilla Jet Tiger And Gigan And Megaton Fight.

Gojira Vs CyberGojira Edit

God-Zilla Vs His Robotic Counterpart.

Terror Of CyberGojira Edit

God-Zilla Titantonus And CyberGod-Zilla Fight.

Series 2 Edit

The Return Of Gojira Edit

God-Zilla Is Back.

Neopian Run Edit

God-Zilla And All Monsters Vs The Neopians.

Gojira Vs The Devil Edit

God-Zilla Battles The Devil

Series 3 Edit

Gojira Mystery Meat Edit

God-Zilla Kills All Life For Food.

Gojira Vs Mobzilla Edit

God-Zilla Battles And Kills Mobzilla.

Series 4 Edit

Gojira 2000 Millenium Edit

God-Zilla Battles Ogra.

Gojira Vs The Giant Dragonfly Edit

God-Zilla Battles The Giant Dragonfly.

Gojira Mosura And Iblis Giant Monsters All Out Attack Edit

God-Zilla Mosura Barugon And Iblis Emerge.

Gojira Against MechaGojira Edit

God-Zilla Fights His Second Mechanical Counterpart.

Gojira Mosura And MechaGojira Neo York City SOS Edit

God-Zilla MechaGodzilla And Mosura Emerge.

Gojira Destroy All Monsters Melee Edit

The World Is Under Attack And Titototoy And His Friends Are Using God-Zilla To Battle All The Monsters That Are Attacking The World.Than God-Zilla Battles Destroyer X While Mosura Battles Gigan In The Final Battle In Neo York City.Than God-Zillas Son Comes And God-Zilla And His Son Goes Home In Peace And The World Is Safe.

Gojira The 2012 Wars Edit

God-Zilla And All The Monsters Go To A War In The Two Realms On A Mission To Attack Neopia Mostly By Destroying The Twin Towers In Neo York City The Octogon That Is In Neoington And The Neopian Capitol And Defeat Iblis.

Characters Edit

Non Kaiju Characters Edit

  • Ricky O Neil-A Neopian Who Is Died In The Events Of Gojira The 2012 Wars.
  • Titototoy-A Neopian.
  • Preston-A Neopian.
  • Vida-A Neopian.
  • Carl The Weasel-A Weasel Terrorist.
  • Jackiestasia And Prince Aian-A Pinky And the Brain Type Smart Girl And A Silly Boy.
  • Dr Jack Nice Guy-The Monsters Creator
  • Insect X-An Evil Leader Of The Aliens.
  • Nono-An Evil Leader Of The Aliens.
  • The Other Characters-The Many Other Characters Throughout The Series.

Kaiju Characters Edit

  • God-Zilla-A Hybrid Of A Gorilla And A Whale Tyrannosaurus Rex Stegosaurus Dragon And Many Others Classified.The Main Kaiju Protagonist.
  • Angilas-A Giant Armadilo.
  • Mosura-A Giant Moth.
  • Barugon-A Giant Chameloen.
  • Gosaurus-A Kasai Rex.
  • Radon-A Flying Eagle.
  • The Devil-A Monster From Hell.
  • CyberGojira/MechaGojira-God-Zillas Mechanical Counterpart.
  • The Blob-A Living Acid Slime Monster.
  • Gigan-Animal Machine Hybrid.
  • Ogra-An Alien Ogre.
  • The Giant Dragonfly-A Mutant Dragonfly.
  • Megaton-A Giant Beetle.
  • Titantonus-A Giant Salamander.
  • Mobzilla-A Godzilla 2000 And Godzilla(Tristar Remake)/Zilla Hybrid.
  • Octopus Boon-An Orange Giant Octopus
  • Iblis-A Three Headed Monster.The Main Kaiju Antagonist.

Trivia Edit

  • The Series Takes Place Between 2011 And 2012 And Also The Events Of the Last Film Gojira The 2012 Wars Are Connected To The Biggest Scene Kate The Wolf Has Made In The New York Vegas Mall(That Is Also Very Similar To The 9/11 Attacks).That Also Shows That The Series Also Takes Place In the Future Of Proud And Sefish Earth.Suppose That It Is Also Possible That Proud And Selfish Earths Godzilla Is I.R.Navarros Former Selves Worlds Version Of The Foreign Godzilla While God-ZIlla Is I.R.Navarros Former Selves Worlds Version Of The Japanese Godzilla(Thats Why He Is Also Called Gojira).Also Throughout The Series It Is Also Possible That There Are Also Two Realms.Mostly That In The Events Of The Last Film Gojira The 2012 Wars Takes Place Mostly In November 2012.Also That In The Physical Realm Six Hijacked Planes(Known As Neopian Airlines Flight 9,Meteorpia Airlines Flight 175,Neopian Airlines Flight 177,Meteorpia Airlines Flight 123,Neopian Airlines Flight 370,Meteorpia Airlines Flight 401) Crashes Into The Twin Towers In Neo York City(That Later Collapses),The Octagon ,And One Was Meant For The Neopian Capitol Or The Grey House But Failed To Reach Its Target(Thats Meteorpia Airlines Flight 401).While In The Other Realm God-Zilla And All The Earth Monsters Battle Iblis While Leveling Neo York City.This Event Takes Place In A Fictional Disaster Known As The November 13 2012 Attacks(That Is Very Similar To The 9/11 Attacks) That Also Takes Place In November 13 2012.Also The Events That Led To 9/11 And The Events Of The Series Are Also Very Similar Possibly In Both Realms.Also Jackiestasia And Prince Aian Are The Ones Repsonsible For The November 13 2012 Attacks.
  • Jackiestasia And Prince Aian And God-Zilla And CharlieIsPoopy And Devilzilla Also Share Similarities.
    • Both Groups Of Characters Are Proud And Selfish Earth Allies Who Are Also Heroes Of I.R.Navarros Former Life Who Brings Help Making Proud And Selfish Earth A Safer And Better Place The Best They Can.
    • Both Groups Of Characters Have Similar Allieships.
    • Both Groups Of Characters Have Similar Goals To Defend Proud And Selfish Earth And Also Their World.
    • Both Groups Of Characters Have Monster Friends Who Are Godzilla-Like Hybrids (Devilzilla For CharlieIsPoopy,God-Zilla For Jackiestasia And Prince Aian).
    • Both Groups Of Characters Have Similar Attitudes (CharlieIsPoopy Seeks Revenge On Ian For His Unfair Attitude Towards Him Also By Teaming Up With His Monster Friend Devilzilla,Jackiestasia And Prince Aian Is Jealous Of Neopians For Being Even More Powerful Than Their World).
    • Both Groups Of Characters Fought In Wars Between Proud And Selfish Earths Allies And The Outside World That Eventually Led To Disasterous Events (CharlieIsPoopy And Devilzilla Fought In The Giant War Of Proud And Selfish Earth That Eventually Led To Devilzillas Attack On Theme Park Titanic,God-Zilla And Jackiestasia And Prince Aian And God-Zilla Fought In The War Between Their People And The Forces Of Neopia That Eventually Led To The November 13 2012 Attacks).

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