Tamaki's NightmareEdit

You're Only Second Rate


Broken Heart of Tamaki SuohEdit



When I Give Control Work I Did All Thing

Did You taken Your All Work?

I Very Did All Hard Work I Made Good Drawing Good pictures And Control Club Website

I Did All Work And Good At Hard Work That How I Done

Is These Was So Hard Create?

Tell Me When?

When What?

When Take Naked of Haruhi

Oh Yeah I Know About Haruhi He Champion He Boy He Best And Now He Toku SuperHero

This Is Haruhi Fujioka Clan Are They

It Is Haruhi Fujioka Clan Well Haruhi Change Into The Boy

Haruhi Change Into The Boy?

Well Yeah Haruhi Think I Normalsteed That How

Excuse Me


Did You Know But Here Haruhi

Bah I don't ramber Whoa Watch The Spin

Tell Me Here

Here What

here Haruhi

you mean that was your enemy eh

Okay Haruhi Kun Is Not Here to hes not invited

And so I let him go to the world of Godzilla

That how he escape From host club and villains

huh you haruhi was escape from host club villains and us?



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