Mogilos 1/2Edit

  • Komododon/Jacob Marley
  • Slugera/Ghost of Christmas Past
  • Mei-Mer/Ghost of Christmas Present
  • Bowser/Ghost of Christmas Future

The Adventure of Sailor Moon & GodzillaEdit

  • Zilla/Jacob Marley
  • Moby Dick/Ghost of Christmas Past
  • King Kong/Ghost of Christmas Present
  • Black Shadow/Ghost of Christmas Future

Sera Myu & GojiraEdit

  • Mothra/Jacob Marley
  • Guardian Ghidorah/Ghost of Christmas Past
  • Rexy/Ghost of Christmas Present
  • Shao Kahn/Ghost of Christmas Future

Godzilla A Christmas CarolEdit

Tenchi Muyo A Christmas CarolEdit

  • Lighting Bug/Jacob Marley
  • Aku Aku/Ghost of Christmas Past
  • Spyro/Ghost of Christmas Present
  • King Dedede/Ghost of Christmas Future

Ultraman A Christmas CarolEdit

Precure All Stars A Christmas CarolEdit

  • Wolfrun/Jacob Marley
  • Majorina/Ghost of Christmas Past
  • Akaoni (Smile Precure)/Ghost of Christmas Present
  • Joker (Smile Precure)/Ghost of Christmass Future

UFO UltraMaiden Valkyrie's A Christmas CarolEdit

  • Swizel/Jacob Marley
  • Mewtwo/Ghost of Christmas Past
  • Balkzardan/Ghost of Christmas Present
  • Dark Pit/Ghost of Christmas Future

Akaoni HibikiEdit

  • Jamila/Jacob Marley
  • Nemesis/Ghost of Christmas Past
  • Baragon/Ghost of Christmas Present
  • Ganondorf/Ghost of Christmas Future

Tokyo Gao Gao Power A Christmas CarolEdit

  • Fonira/Jacob Marley
  • Birdon/Ghost of Christmas Past
  • Sonic/Ghost of Christmas Present
  • Dr. Nefarious/Ghost of Christmas Future

Kaiju Den-OEdit

  • Tigershark/Jacob Marley
  • Ultraman/Ghost of Christmas Past
  • Godzilla/Ghost of Christmas Present
  • Peg Leg Pete/Ghost of Christmas Future

Moka And Avengers Capu2Edit

  • Thrall/Jacob Marley
  • Jabbanero/Ghost of Christmas Past
  • Stitch/Ghost of Christmas Present
  • Albert Wesker/Ghost of Christmas Future

Gamera DecadeEdit

  • Lunatyx/Jacob Marley
  • Arigera/Ghost of Christmas Past
  • Gubira/Ghost of Christmas Present
  • Dr. Neo Cortex/Ghost of Christmas Future

Kaiju Combat AdventureEdit

Also SeeEdit

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