Prince of The Demon Sorcerers

Legend Obukai Use For Geon Kagome Higurashi Yuki Kuran Princess Lamune

Legend Obukai Looks Like Onkaku

Kerubi Ranger Looks Like Kuuga Ultimate Agito Shinning Faiz Blaster

Element Power Use Body of Kendo

Fire Fist Use Arms of Arm Guards

Thunder Kick Use Foots of Shoes Boots

Weapons of Demon SorcerersEdit

  • Demon Elements
  • Shendu
  • Twin Guns (Fire)
  • Naginata (Fire)
  • Po Kong
  • Scythe (Mountain)
  • Chain Mace (Mountain)
  • Xiao Fung
  • Katar (Wind)
  • Double Hook Swords (Wind)
  • Tchang Zu
  • Battle Axe (Thunder)
  • Staff (Thunder)
  • Tso Lan
  • Flintlock (Moon)
  • Sword (Moon)
  • Dai Gui
  • Pickaxe (Earth)
  • Tonfa (Earth)
  • Hsi Wu
  • Crossbow (Sky)
  • Nunchucks (Sky)
  • Bai Tza
  • Whip (Water)
  • Spear (Water)



  • Helicopter

Glowing EyesEdit

  • Purple


  • The Adventure of Sailor Moon And Godzilla
  • Legend of Shaman Demon


Toshiki Kashu

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