King Ghidorah: MechaGhidorah Tokyo Revenge is the seventh movie of King Ghidorah film. The new mechanical monster named MechaGhidorah the fusion of King Ghidorah and Nathan Swift while in skeleton. The MechaGhidorah has the Nathan head built the Mechagodzilla face and King Ghidorah body. The returning new villain was knowns Icarus an possessed Godzilla before GMK.


After seeing skeleton of King Ghidorah and Nathan, Grandpa Godzilla shocked with horror about someone's incident. In the meeting room, Mung used the skeleton King Ghidorah and Nathan fossil to combine into the new mechanical MechaGhidorah. In the island, King Ghidorah and his adopted daughter Dream she now adult much as SpaceGodzilla and Kiryu's shocked. Godzilla sees King Ghidorah making Dream's new home.

Commander Ghidorah look the way disaster and destruction of the Isawu Town.

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