King Kong: The Movie Is A Fanmade American International Science Fiction Fantasy Crossover Film And A Reboot And Adaptation Of Hollywoods King Kong Franchise From 1933.It Is The First Giant Monster Film In Disney/Non-Disney/Daikaiju-Verse.It Centers On A Much More Villainous Version Of Carl Denham Who Is Greedy For Money And Power With A Big Mistake Known As Capturing A Giant Ape Named King Kong And Taking Him To New York Than This Happens.It Is Distributed By Universal Pictures,Warner Brothers And New Line Cinema.

King Kong: The Movie
Produced By I.R.Navarro
Directed By I.R.Navarro
Written By I.R.Navarro
Music By I.R.Navarro
Distributed By Universal Pictures

Warner Brothers

New Line Cinema

Production Company Heyday Films
Based On Merian C.Coopers And

Ernest B. Schoedsacks King Kong Franchise From 1933

Inspired By King Kong (1933)

Peter Jacksons King Kong

Kong:Skull Island

Followed By King Kong And Zilla Jr
Rating PG-13

Plot Edit

Set In New York.Everyone Seems To Have A Good Day.A Greedy Man Named Carl Denham Is Setting Up Plans To Make A Documentary About Skull Island.Then One Night In The Streets Of New York.A Female Toon Named Lola Bunny Tried To Take An Apple From A Grocery Store But Is Stopped By An Employee.Then Later.Lola Bunny,Bugs Bunny,Daffy Duck,Hayes And Carl Denham Get On Board A Cargo Ship Known As The Venture.Then The Venture Leaves New York.When The Venture Is Now On Sea.They Spend Eight Weeks Searching For Skull Island.Then When They Finally Found Skull Island There Was Fog All Over The Place.Then When The Ship Stopped.Captain Englehorn Sends Multiple Lifeboats Containing The Cast,Crew And Some Sailors To Go Ashore.However.There Stormy Seas And Huge Rocks In Their Way And The Lifeboat Containing Bugs Bunny,Lola Bunny,Hayes,Carl Denham And Briggs Gets Hit By A Falling Rock (Killing Briggs).Than Bugs Bunny,Lola Bunny,Hayes And Carl Denham Are Finally At Shore.Then They Begin To Discover The Island.Then When They See The Others They Tell Them Go Ashore.Then Later.Some Of The Others Finally Made It Ashore.Then They Saw Captain Englehorn Riding On The Seaplane Who Has Spotted A Distress Signal.Then They Went On A Place That Seem To Be Some Kind Of An Ancient City Then They Discovered That It Is A Village Inhabited By Natives Who Offer Girls To Their God Who Is A Giant Ape Known As King Kong.Than The Crew Got Separated.Then When They Are About To Reach The Wall.The Natives Capture Ann And Offer Her As A Sacrifice To King Kong.Jack And The Crew Watches As The Giant Ape Took Lola.Then They Ran Quickly From The Natives To The Jungle.While They Are In The Jungle They Start To Follow Kong To Rescue Lola.But Later.Got Ambushed By Countless Creatures Of Skull Island.Then Later They Saw That The Others Are Being Chased By A Carnivorous Dinosaur Called Diablosaurus Rex.Then Bugs Distracts The Diablosaurus Rex From Trying To Eat His Friends.Then The Diablosaurus Rex Then Leaves For Lola Who Is Calling Bugs For Help.Then Kong Battles And Kills The First Diablosaurus Rex In Order To Defend Annie.Then Bugs Tried To Rescue Lola.He Also Battles Small Carnivorous Light Blue Dinosaurs And Giant Bats.But He Failed To Rescue Lola.As A Queen Giant Bat Captures Lola And Kong Comes To The Rescue And Battles The Bats And Then He Finally Kills The Queen Giant Bat.After Kongs Battle With The Giant Bats And Their Queen.Lola Starts To Fear The Giant Ape At First Than She Realizes That King Kong Is A Gentle Giant.Then When Bugs Is Alone He Starts Battling Countless Hostile Species Who Inhabit The Island.Also He Finds A Parade Of Long Neck Dinosaurs.Then Later He Returns To His Crew And Tells Them That He Could Not Get To Lola Anytime.Then When They Cross The Walking Long Neck Dinosaurs.Yet.Another Diablosaurus Rex Kills One Of The Long Neck Dinosaurs And Tries To Eat The Crew.Then After Escaping The Second Diablosaurus Rex.They Found Daffy Duck.Then All Of A Sudden They Sensed That The Natives Have Found Them.Then They Quickly Got Into The Raft.Then They Head To Their Territory Than Later Get Chased By Diablosaurus Rexes Then Kong Comes And Battles The Diablosaurus Rexes In Order To Save His Friend Lola.Then After Battling The Diablosaurus Rexes.He And Lola Later Battles The Skull Islanders Than Another Diablosaurus Rex Starts Chasing Lola.Then Hayes Provokes Kong For Attention Causing Him To Come And Shake And Throw The Log With The Rest Of The Crew In It Down To A Pit Where Most Of The Crew Gets Eaten By Giant Bugs.Yet Carl Denham Decides To Save His Own Life By Letting The Rest Of The Crew Get Eaten By The Bugs And Returning To The Place Where They Started From.After Carl Denham Left.The Crews Battle With The Giant Bugs is Finished.After Battling The Giant Bugs.Bugs Saves Lola From The Diablosaurus Rex That Is Chasing Her And She Is Reunited With The Crew.Then The Crew Battle Countless Hostile Creatures.Than When Captain Englehorn Riding On The Seaplane Spots Them.As They Approach A Lake And Ancient Ruins.Another Diablosaurus Rex Appears And Starts Chasing Them Than Kong Comes To The Rescue.Battling The Diablosaurus Rexes.Then After Battling The Diablosaurus Rexes.Kong Takes Lola To His Lair.Then When Hayes Dies After Being Crushed By The Diablosaurus Rex.Bugs And Daffy Battles The Raptors While Making It To The Plane.Than Captain Englehorn Takes Daffy In The Plane Back To The Ship.Than Jack Takes A Path That Leads To Kongs Lair.While Jack Is On His Way To The Lair.He Battles The Bats And Also Two Juvenile Diablosaurus Rexes Than When He Finally Reached The Lair He Finally Rescues Lola.Then Bugs And Lola Encounter A Giant Snake-Like Creature As They Escape.Then Kong Battles The Giant Snake-Like Creature.After Defeating The Giant Snake-Like Creature.Kong Chases Jack And Annie.Then They Decide To Lure And Trap The Giant Ape In The Village.When Kong Finally Chased Bugs And Lola To The Village.It Worked As Denham And His Crew Captured The Giant Ape And Took Him To New York.Then King Kong Is Captured In A Theme Park In New York.Then Moments Later.The Giant Ape Escapes And Starts Going On A Rampage On New York City.Carl Denham Gets Crushed By Kongs Fist (That Shows That His Greed For Money And Power Also Led To His Demise And Despair).The U.S.Military Goes After The Giant Ape.Kong Battles The Army Then Takes Lola And Heads To The Top Of The New World Trade Center.When Kong And Lola Are In The Top Of The New World Trade Center.Kong Battles The Fighter Planes.Then Bugs And Englehorn Riding On The Sea Plane Come To Save King Kong By Stopping The Fighter Jets From Killing Him.Fortunately It Work.Also They Bought King Kong Back To His Lair In Skull Island That is Where He Should Be.He Triumphs A Goodbye To Bugs And Lola As They Safely Fly With Englehorn As They Go Home.

Characters Edit

Non-Kaiju Characters Edit

  • Bugs Bunny-Everyones Favorite Animated Rabbit.He Is The Main Non-Kaiju Protagonist Of The Film.
  • Lola Bunny-Bugs Bunnys Girlfriend King Kong Makes Friends With.
  • Daffy Duck-The Youngest Of The Crew.
  • Hayes-The Only Black Member Of The Crew.
  • Porky Pig-Everyones Favorite Animated Pig.Carl Denhams Assistant.
  • Lumpy-The Cook.
  • Choy-An Asian Sailor
  • Captain Englehorn-The Captain Of The Cargo Ship The SS Venture.
  • Carl Denham-A Greedy Cameraman Who Has Greedily A Very Deep Love Of Money.He Is The Main Antagonist Of The Film.
  • SS Ventures Crew-The Crew Of The SS Venture.
  • Skull Islanders-People Who Live In Skull Island Who Offer Girls To Kong So That He Does Not Attack The Village.
  • New Yorkers-People Who Live In New York.

Kaiju Characters Edit

  • King Kong-A Giant Ape-Like Kaiju Who Is The Last Member Of His Species.Well Known As The 8th Wonder Of The World.He Is The Main Kaiju Protagonist Of The Film.
  • Giant Bats-Giant Prehistoric Bats
  • Giant Bugs-Giant Prehistoric Bugs That Live In Skull Island.
  • Ventanosaurus-Raptor-Like Carnovorious Dinosaurs.
  • Giant Snake-Like Creatures-Giant-Snake Like Creatures Who Live In Kongs Lair.
  • Long-Neck Dinosaurs-Passive Dinosaurs Who Walk On A Parade.
  • Diablosaurus Rex-Gigantic Carnivorous Dinosaur-Like Monsters That Are A Hybrids Of A Vastatosaurus Rex And A Skull Crawler.They Are The Main Kaiju Antagonists Of The Film.

Trivia Edit

  • This Film Secretly Holds A Warning To The Greedy And The Prideful.
  • The Films Version Of Carl Denham Has Much More Villainous Role Than His Original Counterpart From The Original 1933 King Kong Film.Yet He Is Also Very Similar To Proud Ian (Who Is Obiviously I.R.Navarro As His Proud And Arrogant Old Self).
    • They Both Are Proud And Arrogant
    • They Both Are Greedy For Money And Power (That Spiritually Leads To A Lot Of Bad Things Chasing Them)
    • They Both Are Film Makers
    • Yet.The Only Difference Is I.R.Navarro Learned His Lesson And Redeemed Himself,While Carl Denham Has No Changing Qualities.
  • Despite Being A Reboot And Adaptation Of The King Kong Franchise From 1933.I.R.Navarro Decided To Make This King Kong 250 Feet Tall Rathar Than 25 Feet Tall And Also Make Him Stand Up More Like A Human Being.Because He Wanted To Save That For An Adaptation Of King Kong Vs Godzilla.Where He Fights Godzilla.As This Film And All The Other Kaiju Movies Of The Disney/Non-Disney/Daikaiju-Verse Share Continuity Altogether.Also He Decides To Let King Kong Survive In The End Of This Film.Not Just Because Hes Also Saving That To Fight Godzilla In The Other Films.Because Also He Really Has A Good Heart.

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