Monster X

Monster X (モンスターX) is a kaiju featured in 2004's Godzilla: Final Wars. He serves as Godzilla's final, most powerful opponent in the film.

Monster X was summoned by the Xilians as their trump card against Godzilla, coming to earth inside a meteor. Godzilla and Monster X commenced battle, with Monster X holding an initial advantage, and then fought to a standstill. Mothra arrived to even the odds, and in response, the Xilians sent out the upgraded Gigan, who quickly dispatched her, and then assisted Monster X. Monster X and Gigan were briefly able to overcome Godzilla, when Mothra attacked once more and knocked both of them down. Gigan resumed his battle with Mothra, and was killed. Although Monster X had the advantage because the leader of the Xilians is controlling Monster X,Godzilla soon seemed to gain the upper hand as he knocked the other monster down and punched him multiple times. Finally they split apart and Monster X and Godzilla locked beams, causing a massive explosion which blew the kaiju off their feet.

Godzilla staggered to his feet, and looked up to see Monster X undergo a terrifying transformation: he dropped to all fours, grew wings, enlarged his bodily proportions, changed his white armor into a dark golden armor, and then finally, his neck elongated and his shoulder skulls filled out and became a pair of extra heads. Monster X had transformed into Keizer Ghidorah.


  • Maurice LaMarche

Human FormEdit

  • White Hair
  • Red Eyes

Scrapped character in Godzilla Unleashed (Video Game)Edit

Monster X: Due to timing, budget and lack of popularity. It's final form, Keizer Ghidorah, would also be impossible because the transformation animation would be too complex, as the game engine would be unable to support more than one person using Keizer Ghidorah at a time. (likely would have been an alien)

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