Murgoth Is An Evil Satanic Demonic Kaiju And The Main Antagonist And Main Enemy Monster In The Reboot And Adaptation Of The Japanese Godzilla Series Godzilla: The Movie.He Was Originally Going To Be An Incarnation of King Ghidorah In Godzilla The Movie But He Serves As A Replacement For Him.He Is A Disowned Spirit Prince Who Was Very Jealous Of Godzilla Species For Being Much More Spiritually Powerful Than His Species.He Also Appeared In Ians Bible Believing Christian Godzilla Series But With Differences.

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Alias Melkor
Species Fallen Angelic Kaiju/Demon
First Appearance Godzilla: The Movie (Ending Of Part 3),Godzilla: Battle Royale
Friends Sauron.His Monster Minions.The Evil Kaiju Worshipping Army King Ghidorah Destoroyah
Enemies Godzilla Charlie Barkin Itchy Itchiford Sailor Moon

Mothra Anguirus Baragon Rodan Varan Gorosaurus Manda And Many

Other Of Godzillas Kaiju Friends.

Inspiration King Ghidorah,MUTO,SpaceGodzilla,Keizer Ghidorah/Monster X

Powers And Abilities Edit

Although He Was Not Showing Transforming In the Religious Reboot Series.He Can Transform Into Any Monster Such As His Flying Form Or A Giant Scary Looking Fish Or A Giant Octopus While Underwater And Any Other Creatures.He Can Also Transform To His Final Form Known As His Ghidorah Like Monster Form Also.He Also Breathes Green Electricity And Hellfire (Also In His Final Form).

Appearance Edit

Murgoth Is A Black Demon With Four Horns Pointing Above And Two Horns Pointing Below.He Wears A Black Robe.He Has Legs Of A Peacock.And A Pointy Tail.He Also Goes In Several Forms.

In His Final Form.He Is An Extremely Gigantic Black Demonic Ghidorah-Like Creature With Three Heads Two Pointy Tails And Four Legs (He Has Two In The American Version).

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The Evil Satanic Kaiju In His Final Form.

Appearances Edit

Personality Edit

He Is A Very Pure Evil Demonic Kaiju Who Was Once A Spirit Prince He Became Very Prideful Than Very Jealous Of Godzillas Family For Being Spiritually Powerful Than His Species And He Wishes To Kill All Of The Godzillas Family Which Makes Him A Complete Monster.While His Other Counterpart In Ians Religious Godzilla Series Is Somewhat The Same Species But Very Different.

As His Disney/Non-Disney/Daikaiju-Verse Incarnation.

  1. Red (All Dogs Go To Heaven 2)-Like Red From All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 He Is A Demonic Being.He Hates Good Characters (Including The Species Of Godzilla) While Red Hates Dogs.He Is Also A Master Of Disguise.They Both Transform Into Bigger Monsters (Red Turns Into a Giant Hellcat.Murgoth Turns Into a Three Headed Ghidorah-Like Monster).They Both Have Henchmen Who Were Once What They Used To Be (Carface Who Was Once A Vicious Character.Lord Ian Hans Who Was Once A Hero).
  2. Morgoth And Sauron-He Is Also Much Like Morgoth And Sauron That He Is A Complete Monster Just Like These Two Bad Guys Combined Together.
  3. Lord Shen-He Is Much Like Lord Shen That He Slaughters Species Whom He Hates And Then Gets Banished By His Parents (Murgoth Kills Godzillas Species Centuries Before Godzillas Awakening And Mutation In the H-Bomb Testing in The Pacific Ocean.Lord Shen Kills Pandas).They Both Wish To Do The Last Stage Of Their Slaughterig Of The Species Of The Main Hero (Godzilla:Godzilla Species And Po:Pandas) By Killing Them.
  4. Lord Voldemort-He Is Much Like Lord Voldemort That They Kill The Main Heroes Family In The Heroes Secret Past (Murgoth Kills Most Of Godzillas Family Before Godzillas Awakening And Mutation During The Nuclear H Bomb Testing In The Pacific Ocean.Voldemort Kills Harrys Parents James And Lily Potter.) They Both Wish to Kill The Main Hero (Godzilla And Harry Potter).They Both Run A Group of Evil Followers (Death Eaters For Voldemort.Evil Kaiju Worshipping Army For Murgoth).
  5. Uka Uka-He Is Much Like Uka Uka That They Also Plan World Domination.

As His Disney/Non-Disney Crossover Physical Bible Incarnation.

  1. Kai The Collector-He Is Much Like Kai From Kung Fu Panda 3.They Both Are Demonic Beings.They Gloat About Themselves And Also Whatever Happens To Them.They Both Have The Ability To Turn Characters Into Their Army Of The Undead (Jombies,Ugly Undead) Mostly By Stealing Their Powers And Enslaving Them.
  2. Tirek (My Little Pony)-He Is Much Like Tirek From My Little Pony.They Both Want To Steal Everyones Power Into Ruling As Gods.

Trivia Edit

  • He Is The Tertiary Antagonist Of Part 3 The Showa Era And The Main Antagonist Of From Part 4 Destroy All Monsters Part 1 To Part 14 Save The Universe The Final Chapter Part 2
  • The Murgoth In Ians Religious Godzilla Series Is Very Different From His Godzilla The Movie Counterpart.Although The Same Species Murgoth Does Not Transform At All.He Has Differing Goals From His Godzilla The Movie Counterpart (Who Wants To Kill Godzilla And Take Over The Universe) That He Teams Up With SpaceGodzilla In The Third Installment Of Ians Religious Godzilla Series.He Suffers Defeat A Different Way (While His Godzilla The Movie Counterpart Gets Blasted By Godzillas Supernatural Red Spiral Heat Ray Causing Him To Get Reduced To Dust.This Version of Murgoth Gets Overpowered By Godzilla Whilst Trying To Kill The Good Characters Saving The Lives Of the Good Characters.).
  • In The Early Concept Of Godzilla The Movie He Was Originally Going To be An Incarnation of King Ghidorah Who Serves As The Main Antagonist While The Secondary Being Godzilla(Tristar Remake)/Zilla Who Serves As Godzillas Rival.But It Was Later Moved To SpaceGodzilla Who Was Also Originally Scheduled To Be The Main Antagonist.But They All Got Replaced By A Much More Evil Satanic Evil Demonic Kaiju Named Murgoth And A Hero Turned Villain Wizard That Transforms Into A Reptilian Flying Monster Named Sauron (Who Is Actually Lord Ian Hans Gone Bad).
  • The Way That Murgoth Gets Defeated Are Sometime Different.In Both Versions of Godzilla The Movie He In His Ultimate Ghidorah Form Gets Blasted And Destroyed By Godzillas Supernatural Red Spiral Heat Ray And Gets Disintergrated (That Could Show That He Is Being Dragged to Hell). However.His Body Is Still Intact In The 12 Part Foreign Version And The 9 Part American Version That Allows Him To Get His Funeral And Final Resting Place.