Skylanders SuperChargers Mysterious Magic Doom RaiderEdit

  • Skylanders SuperChargers For Nintendo Wii
  • Skylands in Dangers Lived Mysterious Magic Doom Raider Or Maybe he here
  • He In Skylanders SuperChargers
  • (Spitfire)That Kid Tell Me The Truth About Magic Doom Raider Well He Feel Power of Magic Element
  • (Trigger Happy)I Never See Him Like This He Bat Flying Around Yeah I Think
  • (Terrafin)I See Him Fly In Skylands He Roar Punching Fight He Use His Martial Arts He Was Use Good Punching He Must in
  • Skylanders SuperChagers
  • Kaos Tell This Mysterious Magic Doom Raider He Was actually Supposed To Be In CloudCraker Prison In All Time
  • Join To His Land Vehicles Hound Tank
  • He Is Now In Skylanders SuperChargers
  • What Magic Doom Raider Bat Name is? And Found Out In November

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