Gender Male

Subtitle God of Vengeance

Use To Be Ichirou Tachibana


  • Nemesis Boy


  • Godzilla

Human FormEdit

  • Black Hair
  • Orange Eyes

Voice ActorEdit

  • Charlie Schlatter


  • (To Nemesis)No No No Is All Wrong This Can Not Be Earth
  • (To Nemesis)Ikameijin You Failed Not All Ways
  • (To Nemesis)You Failed Bring Us To Right Planet
  • (To Nemesis)We Stole The Disk For Nothing You FOOL
  • (To Ikameijin)I Bring You Duty What Are You Call Me?
  • (To Nemesis)You Heard You Are Fool And I Will Kill You
  • (To Nemesis)Nemesis Terrorize Roar I challenge You To Battle Ikameijin
  • (To Nemesis)The Winnier Shall Leave Dark Beast And Losser Shall Be Destroyed
  • (To Ikameiji)Ah Don't Be A Fool What You Gonna Do Try To Kill Me?
  • (To Nemesis)I'm Gonna To Kill You
  • (To Ikameijin)Oh That Too Bad Is Klver And Coming As Well
  • (To Ikameijin)Is That Right Grimmgarl Boy

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