• (To Yoda)Confer on You The Level of Jedi Knight The Council Does
  • (To Yoda)But Agree With Your Taking This Boy As Your Padawan Learner I do not
  • (To Ash Ketchum)Yeah This Battra Was Here In Tatooine He Become Young Padawan learner And I Never know
  • (To Lucario)Neo Ranga Believed in Him
  • (To Ash Ketchum)Neo Ranga Believed in Him?
  • (To Lucario)Yes Ash Yes
  • (To Yoda)The Chosen One The Boy May Be Nevertheless Grave Danger I Fear in His Training
  • (To Godzilla)Yeah Fear in His Training
  • (To Lucario)Guys I Gave Neo Ranga My Word I Will Train Battra as Your Friend Godzilla
  • (to Godzilla)Well Yeah Battra Always Be Hero That Was I Heard Neo Ranga Was Death Now
  • (To Lucario)Without The Approval of The Council if I Must
  • (To Yoda)Neo Ranga's Defiance I Sense In You Need That You Do Not Agree With You Council Does Your Apprentice Battra Will Be
  • (To Ushio) Sobbing
  • (To Battra)What Will Happed To Me Now?
  • (To Lucario)Council Have Granted Me Permission To Train You You Will Be a Hero I Promise
  • (To Joel)Why He Kill Neo Ranga
  • (To Godzilla)He Got Kill By Darth Maul And Now He Gone
  • (To Joel)What He Not Gonna protech Them AnyMore?
  • (To Godzilla)They Trying Protech Theirself Their Will Be Warriors I Promise To Them
  • (To Joel)That Explaing Really
  • (To Gamera)I Can't Believe This is All My Fault
  • (To Sir Aaron)I Know It is Your Fault Gamera When Neo Ranga Fight Darth Maul Now He Death Forever
  • (To Gamera)Yeah Now Is Our Destiny All Time in Years Ago
  • (To Sir Aaron)This is Always To Be Our Young Heroes Godzilla Battra And Haruhi Fujioka Are Begin Together in The Day
  • (To King Kazma)But Sir Aaron What When Sith Will Be Destroyed?
  • (To Hard Brick)Yeah When Sith Will Be Destroyed?
  • (To Mace Windu)There's No Doubt The Mysterious Warrior Was A Sith
  • (To Yoda)Mmm Always Two There Are No More No Less A Master And An Apprentice
  • (To Mace Windu)But Which Was Destroyed? The Master or Apprentice?

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