Nintedo Guest Stars SuperChargers They Are New Skylanders They Found Mystery And Villain Name Seltron Seltron Is Magic Doom Raider He Get His Evil Deeds If SuperChargers Use Land Sky And Sea Vehicles To Defeat Seltron And All His Evil Deads They Was Destroyed If Seltron Banished The All SuperChargers Through Out Magic World of Skylands They Begin To Shrink And All Their Vehicles


  • Fist Glove Godzilla


  • Hammer Slam Bowser


  • Aura Staff King Kazma


  • Gun Blaster Dillon


  • Turbo Charge Donkey Kong


  • Splash Shooter Inkling


  • Sword Slash Sir Daniel Fortesque


  • Bow Sword Pit


  • Twin Spear Ganondorf


  • Lighting Axe Zeus

Land VehiclesEdit

  • Barrel Blaster(Tech)
  • Nitro Dragon(Fire)
  • Hound Tank(Undead)
  • Horn Buggy(Earth)

Sky VehiclesEdit

  • Clown Cruiser(Air)
  • Eagle Wing(Life)
  • Light Stinger(Light)

Sea VehiclesEdit

  • Shark Cruiser(Water)
  • Spider Splasher(Magic)
  • Croc Crusher(Dark)

Giant PowersEdit

Trapping SkillsEdit


  • Fist Glove Godzilla + Nitro Dragon
  • Aura Staff King Kazma + Horn Buggy
  • Turbo Charge Donkey Kong + Barrel Blaster
  • Hammer Slam Bowser + Clown Cruiser
  • Splash Shooter Inkling + Eagle Wing
  • Gun Blaster Dillon + Shark Cruiser
  • Sword Slash Sir Daniel Fortesque + Spider Splasher
  • Bow Sword Pit + Light Stinger
  • Twin Spear Ganondorf + Horn Buggy
  • Lighting Axe Zeus + Croc Crusher

Also SeeEdit

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