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Realistically Accurate Godzilla Also Known As Realistically Accurate Gojira Or Godzilla: The Beast From Japan Is A Fanmade 6 Part Japanese-English Science Fiction Horror Disaster Film.It Is Released After Godzilla: The Movie And Before Its First Sequel Godzilla: Rise To The Throne.Yet It Has No Connection To I.R.Navarros Daikaiju/Disney/Non Disney-Verse.It Centers On The World Suffering An Attack By A Giant Monster Known As Godzilla.The Godzilla In This Film Is Not Suppose To Be Godzilla.He Is Just A Beast Spiritually Controlled By I.R.Navarro To Punish The World For Its Wickedness Against His Universe (That Also Means To Punish Humanity For Trashing His Plans) And Also God.He Is Just A Destructive Force Of Nature,A Metaphor Of The Atomic Bomb And Also A Destructive Monster.It Takes Place In Modern Day.It Was Distributed By Toho In Japan And Lionsgate Films In The US.

Realistically Accurate Godzilla/Godzilla: The Beast From Japan
Produced By I.R.Navarro
Directed By I.R.Navarro
Written By I.R.Navarro
Music By I.R.Navarro
Distributed By Toho

Lionsgate Films

Based On
Inspired By
Rating PG-13

Part 1 Godzilla: The Beast From Japan Plot Edit

Following A Nuclear H Bomb Testing In The Pacific Ocean In The 1950s.A Ship Sinks And Disappears From Mysterious Attacks.Then Another Ship Is Sent To To Investigate The Incident But Meets The Same Fate.Then In Japan.In The Airport.Frodo The Wolf,Kate The Wolf,Annabelle The Wolf And Sam The Wolf Arrive In Tokyo As Their New Home.Then Cainface The Wolf And Killer The Wolf Also Arrives In Japan As Their New Home By Ship.Then That Evening Kate Goes To The Harbor And Into The Pier To Commit Suicide.Then She Meets Cainface.Kate Almost Fell Into The Water And Got Saved By Cainface.Frodo Gets Mad A Cainface At First And Then Realizes That Cainface Saved Kate.Then Later Cainface And Kate Goes To Dinner With The Other Characters.Then Later Cainface Teaches Kate How To Be Hostile The Right Way.Meanwhile In Odo Island.The Survivors Of The Ships That Sank Earlier Are Able To Make It Ashore.Then During These Fearsome Moments A Fearsome Giant Monster Is Spotted In The Sea Of Japan Near Odo Island.Then In That Fearful Evening The Monster Begins Invading The Island.Then In The Next Morning The Monster Shows Off  Then Goes Back To The Sea.Then The Natives Of Odo Island Are Brought Back To Tokyo And Mankind Reported That There Is A Mutant Monster Named Godzilla Created By Nuclear Weapons Testing And They Must Tell The Public In Order To Get More Help To Secure Its Existence.Later That Evening.Cainface And Kate Began Having Their Fun (Mostly About The Thrown Characters Taking Over Disney/Non-Disney/Daikaiju-Verse).Then In The Next Morning. Kate Is Having Breakfast With Her Sister Annabelle.Kate Says To Annabelle That She Is Her Sister.In Response.Annabelle Gets Mad At Kate Saying To Her You Do Not Stay In the Safe Path By Just Doing What You Please You Stay In The Safe Path By Doing Everything God And Others Say And You Will Do Everything Frodo Says And Its Robin Hood Or Jesus - You Must Choose.Then Later.Kate And The Other Characters Attend Sunday Service.Then Later Cainface Tells Kate That She Is Gonna Die If She Doesen't Break Free.Then Cainface And Kate Begins Playing In A Japanese Boat (Also Cainface And Kate Begins Playing That Kate Is Flying).Then Later That Evening Cainface Takes A Video Of Kate Dancing Seductively In Her Blue Bikini With Worms Crawling Under Her Skin.Then Post It On The Internet.Then They Get Chased By Sam The Wolf To The Tokyo Subway Than They Find A Hiding Place In An Abandoned Train.Then That Evening In Tokyo.Everything Seems Bright Until Godzilla Appears Out Of The Darkness In Tokyo Harbor.Causing People In A Partying Cruise Ship To Scream In Terror.Then Godzilla Goes Back To The Water.The City Is Unaware That Godzilla Is Inside Tokyo Harbor.Then They Call The Military To Go After The Monster.Then Later.In That Very Fearful Night.Godzilla Starts Going On A Giant Tokyo And The World Rampage.The Creature Rampages Through Shinagawa As People Begin To Scream And Run In Terror.Then Godzilla Returns To The Sea.Then While Evacuating Everyone In The City.Cainface And Kate Go Back To Their Room.Frodo Frames Cainface For Stealing The Magic Ring.Cainface Is Arrested.Then Frodo Angirly Places A Bird Cage On Kates Head In Order To Punish Her.Meanwhile.Godzilla Continues To Wreak Havoc On Tokyo And The World.He Also Battles The Army.Cainface Is Held Prisoner In A Jail in the Streets Of Tokyo.Sam Says, You Know I Do Believe That It Is All The Worlds Fault That It Is Being Attacked By A Dinosaur-Like Monster Named Godzilla And Punches Cainface.Then The Citizens Begin To Evacuate To A Safe Place.When Kate Comes To Rescue Cainface.Frodo Tries To Keep Her From Rescuing Cainface But She Bites Off Frodos Finger And Betrays Her Sister Annabelle And Flees For Cainface.Godzilla Continues Rampaging Also By Turning Much Of Tokyo Into A Giant Sea Of Fire.While Godzilla Is Busy Battling The Army.Kate Does His Best To Rescue Cainface Before Godzilla Gets Close To Him.She Also Tried To Get Other People To Help Her Rescue Cainface Mostly By Telling Them That There Is A Boy Back There And Hes Stuck.Then Kate Finally Rescues Cainface.Then Cainface And Kate Escapes Godzillas Attack.Then They Make Their Way To Where The Evacuees Are.Then Kate Gets On An Evacuation Vehicle But Jumps Off The Vehicle Back To The Attacked Burning City.Then Frodo Burrows Sams Gun To Kill Cainface And Kate.Then Cainface And Kate Run Into A Burning Hallway And Godzilla Sees Them.Then They Escape.Godzilla Continues Turning Much Of The City Into A Giant Sea Of Fire.Then Mayor O Hare Locks Himself Inside A Building To Be By Himself Only To Be Later Killed By Godzilla.Then The Rest Of Godzillas Rampage Continues .As Godzilla Destroys All Of Tokyo.Killer Gets Crushed Like A Bug By Godzilla.Godzilla Continues His Rampage Also By Turning Everywhere Into A Living Hell.As The Citizens Scream And Run In Terror.Godzilla Continues Rampaging (Also Causing Cainface And Kate To Be Injured).Then Godzilla Approaches Tokyo Bay Leaving The Entire City In Flames.Then The Fighter Jets Began Making Godzilla Flee Back Into The Sea.The Next Morning Finds Tokyo In Ruins.Many Including Cainface And Kate Are Hospitalized.Then Mankind Begin Mourning,Praying And Singing.Then Serizawa Plans To Use His Oxygen Destroyer Against Godzilla.Days Later.In The Ship That Found The Location Of Godzilla.Dr Serizawa Uses His Oxygen Destroyer To Kill Godzilla.Cainface Changes Into His Swimming Trunk While Kate Changes Into Her Blue Bikini.Then They Dive Into The Sea With Dr Serizawa To Fight Godzilla.When The Oxygen Destroyer Activates.It Kills Godzilla.Dr Serizawa Also Dies With The Monster.Not Only Did Serizawa Die With The Monster.Cainface And Kate Also Dies With The Monster.Afterwards Godzilla Is Dead.But Little That The World Know.Although The Beast Is Killed.New Members Of Its Species Could Appear Worldwide.Continuing Its Reign Of Terror In The World.Due To Too Much Nuclear H Bomb Testing Throughout The Past Years.

Part 2 Showa Period PlotEdit

Less Than A Year After The First Godzillas Demise.A Second One Appears In Thailand.He Battles Another Monster Named Anguirus.He Destroys Bangkok.While Fighting Anguirus.After Destroying Bangkok.Godzilla Is Sealed Prisoner In A Few Years.Then He Escapes.He Fights King Kong And Then Other Monsters Such As Mothra,Rodan,Varan,King Ghidorah And Many Other Monsters.

Part 3 Heisei Period Plot Edit

Years Since The First Godzillas Rampage.The Second Godzilla Returns And Wreaks Havoc On Present Day Japan.He Battles Super X.Then Biollante,King Ghidorah,Mothra,Battra,Rodan,MechaGodzilla 2,He Adopts Another Son Known As Godzilla Jr.Then He And A Grown Up Godzilla Jr Begins Battling Destroyah.Then After His Battle With Destroyah.Godzilla Melts Away And Dies And His Son Godzilla Jr Is Now Fully Grown And Will Now Become A New Godzilla.

Part 4 G.I.N.O. PlotEdit

Following A Nuclear H Bomb Testing In French Polynesia.A New Type Of Godzilla Known As G.I.N.O. Began Sinking Countless Ships.Began Invading The World.Then Later It Takes Refuge In New York City.It Also Goes On A Rampage In New York City.As It Also Laid Eggs In New York City.Then The Eggs Begin To Hatch And The Babies Started Eating The Fish And Also The Humans.Then Most Of The Babies Gets Killed By The Army.Then The Parent G.I.N.O. Gets Angry For The Death Of The Babies.Chasing The Destroyers.Then The Army Finally Kills The Creature.Than One Of The Surviving Eggs Hatches And The Surviving Baby Would Later Become A New G.I.N.O. To Terrorize The World Another Day.

Part 5 Giant Monsters All Out Attack Plot Edit

Years Since The First Godzillas Rampage.Another Godzilla.That Is No Ordinary One.But A Ghost Of Those Who Perished In World War 2 Appears And  Begins Wreaking Havoc On The World.While The Three Heroic Monsters To Stop Godzilla Are Baragon,Mothra And King Ghidorah.Also There Is A Survivor Of Godzillas First Rampage That Becomes A Human Hero Also To Stop Godzilla.Preventing HIm From Terrorizing Japan And The World.

After The Defeat Of This Godzilla.There Is A Secret Scene Where Cainface And Kate Are Being Spiritually Shrunk Down And Placed Inside A Snowglobe Containing A Copy Of A Seemly Restored Tokyo Along With Those Who Perished In The First Godzillas Tokyo And The World Rampage By A Guardian (Crazy Earths Version Of Gods Angels).That They Would Join Spydevil And His Brother Asmodeus For All Eternity As A Twisted Version Of Hell As Punishment For Their Sins Against I.R.Navarros Universe And Also God.

Part 6 The Kiryu Saga Plot Edit

Years Since The First Godzillas Attack On Tokyo And The World.Another Godzilla Rises Out Of The Slimy Depths And Starts Wreaking Havoc On Guam.Then Returns To The Sea.Few Years Later.The Original Godzilla Bones Were Taken From The Sea.They Began To Rebuild The Corpse Of The First Godzilla Into A Robot Known As A MechaGodzilla Named Kiryu.In That Night In Tokyo.Godzilla And Kiryu Battle Each Other Together For The First Time.A Year Later.Mothra is Disappointed That The Original Godzillas Remains Are Taken From The Sea.Godzilla Battles And Kills Kamoebas.Then Kamoebas Is Found Dead.Then Godzilla Arrives To Destroy Tokyo. But Is By Mothra,Mothras Twins,And Kiryu When They Began To Battle Him.Then In The End Of The Battle.Godzilla Is Defeated.When Mothras Twins Spray Silk At Godzilla Wrapping Him In Silk.Then Kiryu Carries The Wrapped Godzilla Into The Sea.Godzillas Bones Are Finally Returned To The Sea.

Characters Edit

Non Kaiju Characters Edit

  • Kate The Wolf-A Beautiful And Sexy But Somewhat Annoying Female Wolf.She Is Cainfaces Love Interest.She Is The Main Female Protagonist Of Chapter 1 (That Is Based On The Original Japanese Godzilla Film In 1954).
  • Cainface The Wolf-A Wolf Bandit Who Resembles A Modern Day Robin Hood.He Is The Main Male Protagonist Of Chapter 1 (That Is Based On The Original Japanese Godzilla Film In 1954).
  • Killer The Wolf-He Is Cainfaces Sidekick.He Is Killed During Godzilla First Attack When Godzilla Stepped On Him.
  • Annabelle The Wolf-She Is Kates ill Tempered And Paranoid Younger Sister.She Is Hired To Monitor Kate On What She's Doing.She Played Violent Video Games When She Was Younger.She Makes Bad Choices.She Also Has The Habit Of Saluting On Movies That Are Good And Ranting On Movies That Are Bad,She Is One Of The Main Antagonists Of Chapter 1.
  • Frodo The Wolf-He Is Kates Extremely ill Tempered Fiancee Who Is Named After The Main Hero Of The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy.He Is One Of The Main Antagonists Of Chapter 1.
  • Sam The Wolf-Frodos Only Henchman.
  • Mayor O Hare-The Mayor Of Tokyo.He Is Killed During The First Godzillas Attack.
  • Dr Daisuke Serizawa-The Scientist Who Invented The Oxygen Destroyer.
  • Emiko Yamane-The Daughter Of Dr Yamane.
  • Dr Yamane-The Man Who Says Godzilla Should Not Be Destroyed He Should Be Studied.
  • Ogata-A Marine Officer.
  • Taizo Tachibana-One Of The Survivors Of Godzilla First Assault In Tokyo.He Lost His Parents In Godzillas First Rampage In Tokyo When He Was A Little Boy.He Is The Main Protagonist Of Chapter 6.
  • Yuri Tachibana-Tachibanas Daughter.She Is The Deuteragonist Of Chapter 6.
  • Teruaki Tekada-Yuri Tachibanas Boyfriend.
  • The Other Characters-The Many Other Characters Throughout The Film(Both Protagonist And Antagonist).

Kaiju Characters Edit

  • Godzilla I -The First Godzilla That Attacked Tokyo And Also The World.He Is A Prehistoric Amphibious Creature Awakened And Mutated By Nuclear H Bomb Testing.He Is Killed By The Oxygen Destroyer.His Skeleton Is Later Used And Built Into A Mechagodzilla Named MechaGodzilla 3 Or Kiryu.He Is The Main Kaiju Antagonist Of Chapter 1.
  • Godzilla II -The Second Godzilla That First Appears In Thailand.He And Anguirus Tears Apart Bangkok.He Battles Countless Other Monsters Throughout Chapter 2 And Chapter 3.Sadly This One Died Shortly After His Battle With Destroyah.
  • Godzilla IIII -The Third Godzilla That Is A Godzilla That Is Possessed By The Spirits Of Those Who Perished In World War 2.He Battles Mothra,Baragon And King Ghidorah.He Is The Main Antagonist Of Chapter 5.
  • Godzilla IIIII -The Fourth Godzilla That Began Wreaking Havoc On The World And Battles Kiryu,Mothra,Kamoebas And Mothras Twins.This One Is Defeated When Mothras Twins Wrapped Him With Silk.He Is The Main Antagonist Of The 6th And Final Chapter.
  • G.I.N.O. -Godzillas American Tristar Counterpart.
  • Baragon-A Giant Subterranean Reptile.
  • Rodan-A Giant Pteranodon.
  • Battra-Mothras Male Counterpart.
  • King Kong-A Giant Gorilla Known As The 8th Wonder Of The World.
  • Kiryu-The Remains Of The First Godzilla Being Built Into A Robot.
  • Destroyah-A Monster Created By The Oxygen Destroyer
  • Varan-Giant Gliding Lizard.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite This Film Being A Reboot And Remake Of Tohos Godzilla Franchise.It Takes Place In Modern Day Rather Than 1954.
  • When I.R.Navarro Got The Idea To Make This Film In Response To The Success Of His Reboot And Adaptation Of Tohos Godzilla Franchise Godzilla: The Movie.He Decided To Go Back To This World For The Main Settings Of This Film.Because He Believed That This World Is Filled With Many Things That Can Be His Real Problems.He Also Believes That The God Of The Version Of Himself Who Does What He Should Do And This World Are Enemies.He Also Wanted To Prevent The Things That Can Be His Real Problems From Rising Again.He Was Also Aware That Although His Evil Spirits SpyDevil And His Brother Asmodeus Are Both Defeated.Their Evil Are Still Alive And Active In This World.He Did This To Prevent The Evil Of SpyDevil And Asomodeus From Reproducing.Because He Was Aware That This World Would Adopt A New Evil Of SpyDevil And Asmodeus.
  • Chapter 1 That Is A Remake Of The Original Japanese Godzilla Film In 1954 Has Also Burrowed Similar Elements From James Camerons 1997 Film Titanic:
    • In Both.The Female Protagonists (Kate And Rose) Are In the Hands Of Their Villainous Fiancees (Frodo The Wolf And Cal Nathan Hockley) Who Wanted To Marry Them.
    • Both The Evil Fiancees (Cal And Frodo) Have A Bad Temper.
    • In Both.The Female Protagonists Get Yelled At Countless Times By The Main Antagonists So That They Will Be Doing Things The Way They Want.
    • In Both.The Female Protagonist (Kate And Rose) Are Rich,While The Male Protagonist (Cainface And Jack) Are Poor.
    • Both The Female Protagonists (Kate And Rose) Want To Marry The Male Protagonists (Cainface And Jack) Instead Of Their Evil Fiancess (Cal And Frodo).
    • In Both.The Male Protagonist Teaches The Female Protagonist How To Do Things The Right Way (Jack Teaches Rose How To Spit The Right Way,Cainface Teaches Kate How To Be Hostile The Right Way).
    • Both The Female Protagonists Have Fun With The Male Protagonists In A Party (Rose Dances With Jack In Third Class Party.Kate Plays Video Games With Cainface The Whatever The Way They Want Mainly For Fun And Funny Purposes In the Bar Like Party).
    • In Both. The Male Protagonists Makes Artistic Sexy Stuff Out Of The Female Protagonists (Jack Draws Rose Naked,Cainface Takes A Video A Kate Dancing Seductively In Her Blue Bikini With Worms Crawling Under Her Skin).
    • In Both. The Male Protagonists (Jack And Cainface) Gets Framed By The Evil Fiancees (Frodo And Cal).
    • In Both. The Main Antagonist Rage In Anger In An Attempt To Kill The Two Heroes (Cal Attempts To Shoot Both Jack And Rose,Frodo Attempts To Kill Both Cainface And Kate).
    • In Both.The Two Heroes The Escape The Great Disasters (Jack And Rose Escape The Sinking Of the Titanic.Cainface And Kate Escape Godzillas Attack On Tokyo And The World).
    • However, The Differences Are Jack And Rose Are In I.R.Navarros Good Side,While Cainface And Kate Are In I.R.Navarros Bad Side.
      • Despite This.Also Jack And Rose Are Presumebly In Heaven Because Their Deeds Were Faithful,While Cainface And Kate Are Presumebly In Hell Because Their Deeds Were Sinful.
  • Despite This Film Being A Reboot And Remake Of Tohos Godzilla Franchise.Another Godzilla Misconception About This Film Is That, Cainface And Kate Are Adaptations Of Existing Characters In The Godzilla Franchise.But It Is Honest To Note That They Are Original Characters Created By I.R.Navarro.
  • Kate The Wolf May Also Be Considered The Jezebel Of Crazy Earth.Because She Represents Everything That Can Be I.R.Navarros Real Problems.
  • The Godzilla In This Film Is A Mutated Prehistoric Amphibious Creature And He Is Not Supposed To Be Godzilla.He Is Just A Beast Spiritually Controlled By An Angry And Disgusted I.R.Navarro To Punish The World For Its Wickedness Against His Universe (That Also Means To Punish Humanity For Trashing His Plans).Also The Films Version Of Godzilla Appears In Five Incarnations.Ever Since That He Said (Mostly In Heart And Mind) That His Favorite Monster Is Godzilla Because He Is Also The Hit Man Of Humanity When They Are Trashing His Plans.Thus He Is Also Slightly Taller Than The MonsterVerse Godzilla,Disney/Non-Disney/Daikaiju-Verse Godzilla And The Disney/Non-Disney Crossover Physical Bible Godzilla,.The Films Version Of Godzilla Also Has Its Own Name Called Realistically Accurate Godzilla.Realistically Accurate Godzilla Also Appears In Five Incarnations.While The Disney/Non-Disney/Daikaiju-Verse Godzilla Is Depicted As A Giant Prehistoric Amphibious Reptile With Greenish Black And Grey Scaly Skin,Head Shaped Like A More Realistic Version Of His 1954 Counterpart,Dorsal Plates Shaped Like Maple Leaves Running Down His Back Like His Original Toho Counterpart And His MonsterVerse Counterpart,Body Shaped Like His Original Toho Counterpart And His MonsterVerse Counterpart,Long Arms Like His Original Toho Counterpart And His MonsterVerse Counterpart,Big Legs Like His Original Toho Counterpart And His MonsterVerse Counterpart And A Long Powerful Tail That Clearly Shows That He Is Designed To Look More Like His Original Character,The Godzilla In This Film Is Depicted As A Gigantic Mutated Prehistoric Amphibious Creature With Scaly Skin Of A Komodo Dragon,Head Of A Tyrannosaurus Rex,Dorsal Plates Of A Stegosaurus Running Down His Back,Body,Long Arms,Big Legs And A Long Tail Of A Bipedal Reptilian Creature That Clearly Shows That I.R.Navarro Made His Own Godzilla Design In This Film.I.R.Navarro Also Decided To Make This Godzilla Scarier Than Before.Also He Made His Own Designs Of The Other Kaijus In This Film.He Also Made Them Scary And Terrifying Also.He Also Named This Godzilla RealisticallyAccurateGoji,Realistically Accurate Godzilla Or Realistically Accurate Gojira (Who Also Appears In Five Incarnations) Due To Being A Monster Used By I.R.Navarro To Punish The World For Its Wickedness Against His Universe.He Also Decided To Give This Film A Much More Darker Tone.These Elements Also Shows That I.R.Navarro Is A Hero In Gods World While Hes A Villain In The Sinful World,The Unbelieving World And The Self Serving Prideful World.He Also Stated That God Is Not Real To Everyone In The Realistically Accurate Godzilla Continuity, If He Was They Would Have Left Their Sins Behind And Be Forever Changed.He Also Stated That Everyone In The Realistically Accurate Godzilla Continuity Follow The Evil One Not God.He Also Stated That Everyone In The Realistically Accurate Godzilla Continuity Behave Like The Version Of Himself Who Is Bound For The Bad Ending Of His Faithful Great Story Inwardly Not The Version Of Himself Who Is Bound For The Good Ending Of His Faithful Great Story.He Also Called This Film The Noahs Ark Of Godzilla Movies.
  • Despite This Film Being A Reboot And Remake Of The Japanese Godzilla Series From 1954.This Films Version Of Godzilla Is One Of The Few Incarnations Of Godzilla To Have Their Own Names.
  • Despite This Film Being A Reboot And Remake Of The Japanese Godzilla Series From 1954.This Film Has Its Own Continuity.
  • Chapter 5 That Is A Remake Of Godzilla, Mothra And King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All Out Attack Has A Post-Credits Scene.That Shows That Cainface And Kate Along With Those Who Perished In Godzillas Attack On Tokyo And The World (Including Their Firends And Foes) Are Spiritually Shrunk Down And Placed Inside A SnowGlobe Containing A Copy Of Tokyo By A Guardian (Crazy Earths Version Of Gods Angels) To Join SpyDevil And His Brother Asmodeus For All Eternity As A Twisted Version Of Hell.