Haruhi And Renge Falling Love

5 Singers Clam Say

Renge's Husband Coming Here

To Day Peek Him Up

Righter Away

If Haruhi Escapes From Tamaki

Haruhi Vine Change Into The Boy

Just Like The Great Love of Godzilla And Mothra Or

Reptile KingdomEdit

  • Savagala
  • Corina Masaki
  • King Haruhi Fujioka
  • Queen Renge Houshakuji
  • Mark Fujioka
  • Godzilla
  • Tornaq


  • (To Renge)Ah This Place Fall is Cold is Great Anything Fall And My Face Smelling Strawberry I Think I'm Cute
  • (To Haruhi)I Think You Look Good You Steel beautiful These Guys Playing Football See Them Out Side We Got Here
  • (To Haruhi)When Our Son Born October Great Heroes Ever Reborn But I Did it Know They Come From Months October Call Mark
  • (To Renge)Laugh Oh October is Mark

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