The Rhedosaurus was the Monster featured in the 1953 classic The beast from 20,000 fathoms. The Rhedosaurus was awakened by an atomic bomb north of Baffin bay. Tom Nesbit sees the monster in the Arctic. Then he goes to a hospital in New York, where he reads an article in the papers about reports of a sea monster in the Grand Banks. He than goes to paleontologist Dr. Thurgood Elson who doesn't believe Tom's story that he saw was a hundred million year old creature. The Rhedosaurus sinks another ship in Canada, destroys a lighthouse in Maine, and causes destruction in Massachusetts. Tom brings Jacob from Canada who saw the Rhedosaurus. He has him look through sketches of prehistoric creatures and sees the Rhedosaurus. Dr. Elson says it's been extinct for a hundred million years. The Rhedosaurus then goes on a rampage in New York City.

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