Sanda Is The Good Son Of Frankenstein That Appeared In The War Of The Gargantuas.

Species Frankenstein Spawn(WoTG)

Giant Ogre(G!Go)

Mutated Minion Of Moah(G!Go)

Alias Brown Gargantua

Giant Ogre

Allies Godzilla King Caesar KamacurasRodan Anguirus Kamoebas

Gorosaurus Kumonga Varan Baragon

Zilla Jet Jaguar

Enemies Gaira Godzilla

Role In The Films Edit

He Is The Opposite Of The Green Brother Who Is Violent And Cruel.He Is A Kind And Gentle Son Of Frankenstein And One Of Frankensteins Sons.Later Sanda Was Very Angry That His Evil Brother Gaira Was Eating Humans Due To His Upbringing Around People.Sanda Begins Attacking Gaira.But Gaira Fled And Begins Attacking Tokyo And During His Final Battle With Gaira They Fought In the Sea .But Where Both Pulled Into A Volcano.

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