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This box displays information about a war or battle with two to six sides.



Required FieldsEdit

The following fields must be filled. The rest are optional.

  • side1 and side2
    • The titles of the two combatants. Use side3 through side6 as needed.

Optional FieldsEdit

The following are some notes on optional fields.

  • bgcolor
    • Manually sets the background color of the header text.
    • If using hex triplet (ex. #000000) the # must be replaced with #.
  • fgcolor
    • Manually sets the foreground color of the header text.
    • If using hex triplet (ex. #000000) the # must be replaced with #.
  • imgsize
    • Manually sets the width of image, otherwise image uses its default size.
    • Requires units to be set. 200px is a valid entry. 200 is not.
  • battles
    • A list of child battles in the form of wiki links.
  • concattop
    • Set this to an non-empty value to remove the bottom margin and border of the box. This allows the box to be attached to another box from the bottom.
    • The box being attached should have an option to remove its top margin and border.

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