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the Prince of Four Elements

Element Belt Look Like OOO Driver

Element Belt Use Hunter (L4D) Kikyo Cheza Saki Rouyama

This Wolf Rider Element Look Like Den-O Liner Form

XiaElement Sword Look Like Denkamen Sword

Element Glove Use MMA Glove


  • Fire Sword Wrist Crossbow
  • Water Trident Lance
  • Earth Axe Scythe
  • Air Gun Boomerang
  • Light Rod Hammer
  • Dark Sai Mace
  • XiaElement Sword

Element AnimalsEdit

  • Dragon (Fire)
  • Shark (Water)
  • Rhino (Earth)
  • Eagle (Air)
  • Tiger (Light)
  • Mastiff (Dark)
  • Wolf (Element)



  • Yamaha Raptor

Glowing EyesEdit

  • Green

Tv SeriesEdit

  • Xiaolin Squad Wolf Prince


Yuichi Nakamura

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